EWoT: Janduin

For his grandfather, who has the same name, see Janduin (father).

Janduin is the son of Rand al'Thor and Aviendha as seen through the visions of Aviendha's second trip through the Glass columns.


Janduin is tall and blond, somewhat taking after his mother's side.


Born as one of four quadruplets, Janduin has two sisters, Marinna and Padra, and a brother Alarch, whom often defers to him. Janduin is named after his grandfather.

All four siblings could channel since childhood and constantly embrace the True Source. This might refer to the oddity in Min's viewing of Min when she indicates that there is something odd with the children, what she cannot see, only that they are healthy.


Given special privileges as children of the Dragon, Janduin and his siblings were present at the council of chiefs which decided to go to war with the Seanchan [1] in that version of a possible future thread what Aviendha sees in the glass ter'angreal of Rhuidean. It is unknown whether that actually become reality.


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