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EWoT: Jaramide

Jaramide was one of the Ten Nations that existed between the Breaking of the World and the Trolloc Wars. Its capital was Deranbar, which later bacame Maradon.[1] It was the northwesternmost kingdom of its time, and was one of the first Borderlands.


In red location within the Ten Nations

Jaramide stretched from World's End and the Aryth Ocean to the eastern edge of the Plain of Lances, and from the Mountains of Dhoom in the north to the Mountains of Mist and the River Akuum in the south. It was bordered by Safer, Aridhol, and Aramaelle.

Jaramide included all of the modern nations of Saldaea as well as parts of western Kandor and approximately the northern half of Arad Doman.


Jaramide was a strong and powerful nation of its day. The High Queen Egoridin allied Jaramide to the other Ten Nations by signing the Compact of the Ten Nations in 209 AB.

Circa 1000 AB, Jaramide was invaded by Shadowspawn. It was initially believed to be a standard incursion across the Blightborder, but the severity of the incident became clear when the city of Barsine, famed for its golden spires, was overrun and destroyed. Jaramide rallied to defend against the invasion, which was the opening gambit of the Trolloc Wars, but despite a stalwart defense it eventually collapsed in the aftermath of the war.

After the end of the war, the remnants of Jaramide reconstituted as the new kingdoms of Abayan, Oman Dashar, Indrahar, and Basharande, which inherited Jaramide's role as a Borderland kingdom.

Ogier-built cities

Compact of the Ten Nations

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