"The Lord of the Grave is stronger than he once was, my son. His reach is longer. The Father of Lies has a honeyed tongue for unwary souls. My son. My only, darling son. I would spare you if I could, but he is my master, now, his whim, the law of my existence. I can but obey him, and grovel for his favor. Only you can free me. Please, my son. Please help me. Help me. Help me! PLEASE!"
   — Kari al'Thor to her son.[1]

EWoT: Kari al'Thor

Kari al'Thor was a merchant's daughter from Caemlyn who lived in Illian. She was a good mother and a loving wife. She was married to Tam al'Thor.


Kari al'Thor, a red haired [2], gray eyed [3] Andoran, was born a merchant's daughter. Her parents set up shop in Illian, which is where she met Tam al'Thor in 962 NE,who was then in the Illianer Companions. Her parents disapproved of her relationship to a soldier, but could not stop it due to Tam's position; they did disown her after she married Tam, though.

Kari accompanied Tam on his long campaigns during the Aiel War. She had two children: a girl who died of fever in infancy and a stillborn boy. After that,she could not bear children anymore. In late 978 NE, Tam found Rand on the slopes of Dragonmount, and she and Tam adopted him.

The family then went to the Two Rivers.[4] Tam mentions that she always disapproved of his sword. [5]. She died when Rand was very young and he scarcely remembers her. Rand remembers her as a good mother with a kind smile and gentle hands. She died in 984NE, when Rand was five years old.[4][6] During Rand's confrontation with Ba'alzamon, Kari is used a pawn against Rand. She appears before the Dragon Reborn, surrounded by Fades, who strip and assault her. Rand uses a sword of Light to destroy the Shadowspawn and free her.


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