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Karldin Manfor was an Asha'man.[1]


He was narrow-faced with pale hair.


He was one of the first to arrive at the farm that would be called the Black Tower.

After the Battle of Dumai's Wells, he was one of the Asha'man to be selected by Rand al'Thor to accompany him to Cairhien. Rand sent him to escort Loial and Travel to all the steddings and warn the Elders about Shadowspawn using the Waygates.

He arrived back in Cairhien with Loial looking for Rand. Samitsu Tamagowa and Sashalle Anderly found them hiding in the Sun Palace kitchen when they all were warned of the murder of the Steward of Cairhien. They arrived on the scene just after Dobraine Taborwin was stabbed and nearly murdered in his chambers. He found a note indicating the assailants were looking for something.

In Cairhien, Karldin was also found by the group lead by Logain and Bashere that was also in search of Rand. Using the warder bond of some of the Warders left in the city by the sisters sworn to Rand, they were able to track the Dragon to Tear, at the Pendaloan estate.

Some time after, Karldin was sent by the Dragon to accompany Davram Bashere on one of his embassies to the High Lady Suroth in Ebou Dar, thus likely missing the massive Trolloc and Myrddraal raid on the estates of House Pendaloan in Tear.

He was bonded as Warder to the Aes Sedai Beldeine Nyram, as well as raised to the rank of Asha'man by Rand. He watched Rand's meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons from a distance and Traveled in as backup when it was revealed that the Daughter of the Nine Moons was actually Semirhage.

He was in Cadsuane Melaidhrin's room in Tear when Beldeine was shot down by Min Farshaw and Cadsuane. Beldeine got up and left in a huff and Karldin left with her.

He died in the Last Battle at the Field of Merrilor, falling to the ground, completely exhausted from over-wielding saidin. He was stabbed to death by Sharans mere moments before Beldeine met the same fate.