The Keeper of the Chronicles is a position among the sisters of the Aes Sedai. The Keeper is second to the Amyrlin Seat and is at least equal to the Sitters in the Hall of the Tower,[1] but the only real power gained with the title is that which the Amyrlin chooses to give her.[2] She is traditionally raised from the same Ajah as the Amyrlin and remains a member of it, whereas the Amyrlin does not.


The Keeper is responsible for maintaining the records of the White Tower Library including secret files such as the Thirteenth Depository. In many ways she acts as an aide-de-camp to the Amyrlin. She parses through the thousands of files that come from below her and relays the important ones to the Amyrlin. The Keeper is also responsible for announcing the Amyrlin before the latter enters a meeting of the Hall of the Tower; in fact, by Tower Law, any sister can enter the Hall unless it is closed, yet the Amyrlin cannot enter without being announced by the Keeper, and the Keeper is not allowed in without the Amyrlin.

The Keeper also seems to handle day-to-day management of Tar Valon. Leane Sharif maintained an eyes-and-ears network in Tar Valon to aid in this. Sheriam Bayanar also played a large role in running the rebel camp.


The Keeper of the Chronicles does not wear the shawl she received when she chose her Ajah. Rather, she and the Amyrlin wear stoles of office. Unlike the Amyrlin's stole which is striped in the seven Ajah colors, the Keeper's stole is always simply the color of her Ajah. The width of the stole is dependent entirely on her own personal preference.[1]

She also carries a staff, which is described as being gilt-flamed[3] or golden-flamed.[4]

Recent Keepers

Keeper Ajah Amyrlin Notes
Gitara Moroso Blue Tamra Ospenya (Blue Ajah) Died in office after Foretelling the birth of the Dragon Reborn
Aeldra Najaf Blue

Raised after the death of Gitara

Duhara Basaheen Red (Black) Sierin Vayu (Gray Ajah) Untraditional choice as Sierin was Gray Ajah, but Sierin was very strongly pro-Red Ajah. It is unknown whether Duhara was Black while Keeper

The Wheel of Time Companion also names a second Keeper for Sierin: Angharad of the Gray. Nothing else is known about her.

Unknown Unknown Marith Jaen (Blue Ajah) Who was the Keeper of the Chronicles under the reign of Marith Jaen? It is speculated that it could have been Siuan Sanche herself, because when Seaine Herimon put her name forward as an Amyrlin candidate, she stressed how Siuan was young, unlike so many old Amyrlins dead in a short time, that she had unusual strength of character and was also a very good administrator. When did Siuan have the opportunity to prove herself a good administrator? However, had Siuan been Keeper, it would probably have been mentioned in the series. And since Marith had been called from retirement, she would likely have chosen someone older, someone that she knew, unless Siuan had been suggested by the Hall, which could have been the case.[5][6]
Leane Sharif Blue Siuan Sanche (Blue Ajah) Stilled and deposed along with Siuan. Healed by Nynaeve al'Meara and joined the Green Ajah
Alviarin Freidhen White (Black) Elaida a'Roihan (Red Ajah) Untraditional choice as Elaida was Red Ajah, but chosen for the position due to her support of Siuan's deposing. Was head of the Black Ajah while Keeper. Disappeared mysteriously from the White Tower while still in office
Tarna Feir Red Raised after the disappearance of Alviarin. Left the White Tower on orders from the Highest without notice to bond an Asha'man
Sheriam Bayanar Blue (Black) Egwene al'Vere (No Ajah) Was Keeper of the Chronicles under Egwene and the rebel Aes Sedai, but has since been executed for being Black Ajah.
Silviana Brehon Red Unconventional choice due to the history she has with Egwene, but chosen for the position because of her strength of character and to help mitigate Elaida's damage to the Tower

It is unknown whom Cadsuane Melaidhrin chose as her Keeper of the Chronicles after her recent raising.


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