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Several kesiera

A kesiera is a jeweled pendant on a chain worn as a hair ornament on the forehead. The pendant is commonly made of precious stone. It is usually worn by high ranking Cairhienin ladies.

The most well known kesiera is the one worn by Moiraine Damodred and is used as a focus for her eavesdropping, a skill she discovered as a girl.[1]

List of Kesiera

Moiraine Damodred wearing her kesiera

Known people donning a kesiera:

  • Lady Moiraine Damodred Sedai - a gold chain with a blue pendant, a sapphire.
  • High Lady Caraline Damodred - once she had a kesiera with a gold chain and a small, clear green stone[2], an emerald; another time one with a gold chain and a ruby.[3]
  • Lady Daigian Moseneillin Sedai- a thin silver chain with a moonstone pendant.[4]
  • Seonid Traighan Sedai - a small white stone.