Kharendor was a nation of the Free Years. It arose from the ruins of Aelgar and was later conquered by both Guaire Amalasan and, some years later, Artur Hawkwing. Its territory currently contains the modern kingdom of Amadicia and the easternmost extent of the Shadow Coast.



In red location within the Westlands

Kharendor was bordered by the River Eldar to the north and east, the Mountains of Mist to the west and north, the Sea of Storms to the south, and part of the Shadow Cost to the west. Its neighbors were Balasun to the west, Elan Dapor to the northwest, Dhowlan to the north, and Shiota to the east.

The name and location of Kharendor's capital city is unknown, although the modern city of Amador lies within the territory once held by Kharendor. It is unknown if Amador existed at this time or what role it played within the nation.


Very little is known of Kharendor, save that it was conquered by false Dragon Guaire Amalasan during the War of the Second Dragon and then conquered again by Artur Hawkwing during the Consolidation. During the War of the Hundred Years it broke away again and became the modern nation of Amadicia.

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