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Khodomar was a kingdom of the Free Years. It was founded after the end of the Trolloc Wars, and was established on the former territories of southern Almoren and northern Essenia. It was later absorbed by the growing might of Artur Hawkwing's Empire. The lands it once held are now wilderness.


In red location within the Westlands

Khodomar stretched from the Maraside Mountains to the River Iralell, and from the River Erinin to the Spine of the World. It was bordered by Esandara to the west, Tova to the north, the Aiel Waste to the east and Talmour to the south.

Khodomar's land was rocky and mountainous in the north and east, and was filled with swamps and marshes to the south, as the northern part of Haddon Mirk lay within its borders.


Khodomar's history is largely a mystery, but it is known that in FY 943 the kingdom was invaded by the false Dragon Guaire Amalasan and one of his lieutenants, General Sawyn Maculhene, during the War of the Second Dragon. Given that Talmour and Moreina to the south were still holding out against Amalasan, it is likely that this invasion was launched across the Erinin from Esandara.

Upon hearing of the invasion, Artur Hawkwing, who had returned home to Shandalle to raise fresh troops, allied with several other forces and marched south through Tova towards the Jolvaine Pass through the Marasides, planning to join his forces to the Khodomari and force a decisive battle upon Amalasan. However, Amalasan had decided to instead outflank Khodomar by launching a surprise invasion of Tova via the Jolvaine Pass. Leaving Machulhene to complete the conquest of Khodomar, Amalasan set out and met Hawkwing just south of the mountains at the decisive Battle of Jolvaine Pass. Amalasan was defeated and taken captive to Tar Valon. Maculhene abandoned the assault on Khodomar and took 50,000 men north to assault Tar Valon. Khodomar was able to recover from the invasion, but a few years later fell to Hawkwing during the Consolidation.

During the War of the Hundred Years Khodomar's territory came under the control of the kingdom of Mar Haddon. However, Mar Haddon collapsed a few centuries later. Cairhien and Tear made abortive efforts to seize its territory but these came to nothing. The area today is wilderness.

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