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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

As Elayne heads to her apartments she finds herself getting lost, in a palace where she's lived all her life. It finally becomes apparent that things have shifted around. After getting dressed, Aviendha examines the Dull dagger ter'angreal she has been carrying which she believes protects the bearer from the Shadow's notice. Elayne takes Aviendha to her ter'angreal stash and together they begin examining the items with Aviendha saying what she believes each does. She identifies a Flexible black rod that causes pain, a Metal helmet that operates a machine, an ivory box that holds a large library of music, a White bowl that can see things far away, a tall vase that can gather water from the air, a figurine of a bird and a blue figure of a woman were for talking to people far away. She was able to identify the use for many other items as well. As they make plans to systematically study everything, Nadere and Dorindha enter and inform Aviendha that the Aiel are leaving Caemlyn.

Nadere asks Elayne about her midwife, but she currently does not have one. She is told to get one right away so she eats the right foods for her condition. Her maid Essande has a niece that is a midwife, so Melfane Dawlish will be summoned soon to attend Elayne. Elayne gives Aviendha one of the angreal she has along with one of the ter'angreal that allows a sleeper to enter tel'aran'rhiod. They say their farewells and then Aviendha is gone with the Wise Ones.






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