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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne meets with some of the mercenary captains with Reene, Norry, Mellar, Careane and Sareitha also present. Elayne dismisses Mellar, angering him but she no longer thinks highly of him for saving her life. Birgitte enters as Mellar leaves. The mercenaries are asking for more gold due to their losses so they will be able to afford hiring replacements. Elayne does not give in to their request so they leave dissatisfied. After everyone leaves except Birgitte, Reene and Norry, Elayne petulantly asks to not receive any bad news from them. Reene has learned that Arymilla Marne expects to take the city within days, so there must be some plan better than the ineffective assaults on the city walls.

Norry has found a man he believes can follow Mellar without getting knifed, which is what has happened to the others that have tried. Samwil Hark is a very ordinary looking man and a remarkably successful thief. For his crimes Hark is going to be hanged unless he can successfully follow Mellar to where he goes at night, then he will be exiled to Baerlon. Elayne uses a finder weave on Hark's belt and clothes and lets him know she will be able to find him in the future if he tries to avoid the task she gave him. Birgitte would like to arrest Mellar and put him to the question, but Elayne can't break the law since they have no proof of any crimes he has committed.

Deni Colford brings word that Dyelin has returned, so Elayne arranges to meet her in the map room.





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