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Embers Falling on Dry Grass
1 When Last Sounds
2 The Dark One's Touch
3 At the Gardens
4 A Deal
5 Something... Strange
6 A Stave and a Razor
7 A Cold Medallion
8 Dragons' Eggs
9 A Short Path
10 A Village in Shiota
11 A Hell in Maderin
12 A Manufactory
13 Siege
14 Wet Things
15 A Different Skill
16 The New Follower
17 A Bronze Bear
18 News for the Dragon
19 Vows
20 The Golden Crane
21 Within the Stone
22 To Make an Anchor Weep
23 Call to a Sitting
24 Honey in the Tea
25 Attending Elaida
26 As If the World Were Fog
27 A Plain Wooden Box
28 In Malden
29 The Last Knot
30 Outside the Gates
31 The House on Full Moon Street
32 To Keep the Bargain
33 Nine Out of Ten
34 A Cup of Kaf
35 The Importance of Dyelin
36 Under an Oak
37 Prince of the Ravens

Remember the Old Saying

<<<   A Bronze Bear    >>>
Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne is on her way to the map room to meet with Dyelin, accompanied by Birgitte. On the way Elayne encounters a number of nobles, all of whom are uneasy for some reason. Birgitte has figured out why they are uneasy. The palace corridors have been shifting about and sometimes even disappearing. Birgitte has an infallible memory for any path she has taken, so she is sure of the changes. At the map room all of the clerks and messengers are asked to leave. Since the Aiel are leaving, Elayne wants to find out the status of Davram Bashere and the Legion of the Dragon since they may be leaving at Rand's orders also and perhaps some of the Asha'man from the Black Tower. Arymilla Marne appears to be preparing for a final assault, hastening due to the presence of the two hundred thousand Borderlanders nearing Caemlyn. Also nearing Caemlyn are sixty thousand armsmen under command of the various High Houses that have not bound themselves to either Elayne or Arymilla. Dyelin has been visiting those nobles over the last few days to find out what their intentions are.

Dyelin enters and complains that she got lost twice on the way to the room. Before she can report, Branlet Gilyard, Catalyn Haevin, Conail Northan and Perival Mantear enter believing they should be present when news of the other High Houses is discussed. Dyelin reports that the other noble houses have decided to stay neutral for the time being.

Later as Elayne is trying to read Vandene enters with Kirstian Chalwin and Zarya Alkaese. Reanne Corly is dead, smothered with the power. Also Zarya has a doll kept by one of the Kin who ran away, except Mirane Larinen would never have left without her doll, so it is presumed that she and the others that are missing may have been killed also. From now on all the Kin are to have at least one partner.

Point of view: Arymilla Marne

Arymilla is dining on nearly rotten food with many of the nobles that support her, even if some do so unwillingly. She expects to take Caemlyn soon with Elayne and Dyelin dying during or after the assault. That will let her pressure the four youthful High Seats to support her and gain the throne. Then all of her forces will be able to deal with the Borderlanders. Her secretary, Jakob Hernvil arrives to tell her he has reached an agreement but the gold must be paid in advance, but doesn't say who or for what. She expects to launch her successful attack a week from tomorrow.