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<<<   Within the Stone    >>>
Setting: Tear (city)


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Min, Nynaeve, Cadsuane, and Alivia arrive at the Stone of Tear which has been under siege after leaving Loial and the other Ogier at Stedding Shangtai. One of the inventors from the school he established in Cairhien is still developing his train. Min views many people that will die of hunger in the street. He can tell Alanna Mosvani is inside the Stone through his bond with her. Since the Stone is under siege, Rand goes to a nearby inn go get a room with a view that will let him Travel inside. The innkeeper is going to refuse Rand's request until Cadsuane reveals herself as Aes Sedai, then they quickly receive a room. Rand makes a Gateway to the Heart of Stone where Callandor used to reside. A guard suggests Rand have a guide to Darlin since the corridors have been shifting recently but Rand just uses his bond to Alanna to find the way.

Darlin and Caraline Damodred are in the room with Alanna. Weiramon Saniago is there also and Rand is not pleased since he gave no orders for him to leave his post. Weiramon staged an attack on the rebels which failed and interrupted the peace negotiations. Darlin has tried to feed the people in the city but either the food spoils or the rebels take it for themselves. Bera Harkin enters to tell Rand that an agreement was made just that morning with the rebels. They are to be fined but their lands are to be restored to them. In return Darlin is to be crowned king and they will swear to him. Min offers to help design the crown, based on what she saw in one of her viewings. Rand then wants Darlin to gather all of the fighting men available so they can travel to Arad Doman where they can help get ready for Tarmon Gai'don.








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