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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp near Tar Valon


Point of view: Romanda Cassin

Romanda is reading while pondering the food spoilage problem even though weaves are being used to prevent it. Nisao Dachen enters her tent and requests a private meeting. While waiting for Bode to leave she wishes something could be done about the older women that have been accepted as novices by Egwene. Nisao is concerned that Lelaine Akashi has asked her to stop investigating the murders of Anaiya Carel and Kairen Stang.

Theodrin Dabei enters to announce a sitting of the Hall of the Tower. Sheriam is standing outside the tent where the Hall will meet, not allowed in to the meeting without the Amyrlin. More Sitters arrive and they decide to begin even though some are absent. A ward is made to prevent others from listening and only Sitters are allowed to be present. Merise Haindehl is brought in trailed by three Warders, which the Sitters begin to realize are also Asha'man. Cadsuane asked Merise to bring the proposal to the Rebel Aes Sedai after the Dragon Reborn asked her to take care of it. Jahar Narishma enters but before he can make his proposal he announces a man nearby just channeled. He makes the offer which is to bond Asha'man to Aes Sedai up to total of forty-seven to compensate for the fifty-one sisters bonded by Asha'man at the Black Tower.

When some of the Sitters complain about the taint on saidin Jahar tells them that it has been cleansed. A consensus is quickly reached to accept the offer since it will allow the sisters to make larger circles without the need for special agreements with the Black Tower. The sisters are told to remember the name Eben Hopwil who died fighting during the battle of Shadar Logoth, killed by a female Forsaken that was channeling saidin. Romanda puts together all of the information she has about the Aes Sedai deaths and says that Halima and Delana should be arrested. They have flown from the camp before they can be captured though.





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