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Embers Falling on Dry Grass
1 When Last Sounds
2 The Dark One's Touch
3 At the Gardens
4 A Deal
5 Something... Strange
6 A Stave and a Razor
7 A Cold Medallion
8 Dragons' Eggs
9 A Short Path
10 A Village in Shiota
11 A Hell in Maderin
12 A Manufactory
13 Siege
14 Wet Things
15 A Different Skill
16 The New Follower
17 A Bronze Bear
18 News for the Dragon
19 Vows
20 The Golden Crane
21 Within the Stone
22 To Make an Anchor Weep
23 Call to a Sitting
24 Honey in the Tea
25 Attending Elaida
26 As If the World Were Fog
27 A Plain Wooden Box
28 In Malden
29 The Last Knot
30 Outside the Gates
31 The House on Full Moon Street
32 To Keep the Bargain
33 Nine Out of Ten
34 A Cup of Kaf
35 The Importance of Dyelin
36 Under an Oak
37 Prince of the Ravens

Remember the Old Saying

<<<   Nine Out of Ten    >>>
Setting: Caemlyn


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne has been shielded, bound tightly and gagged and stuffed in to a wagon box. She feels confident though since Min's viewing said her babes would be born safely and also she can sense Birgitte making plans. The Black Sisters begin channeling and Elayne is saddened by knowing men are dying trying to rescue her. Birgitte unties her bonds and she exits the wagon box to see what the situation is. Asne Zeramene is dead on the road. The other Black Sisters, Temaile Kinderode, Falion Bhoda, Chesmal Emry, Marillin Gemalphin along with Shiaine Avarhin and the Warders are all bound, with the Sisters shielded. Chesmal asks how they were found to which Elayne replies via her Warder. Marillin had heard Birgitte was Elayne's warder but did not inform the others.

Birgitte updates Elayne on the situation, attacks on the northern wall, a large force outside the Far Madding gate, mercenaries that changed allegiance trying to open the gate and the other High Houses on their way to Caemlyn. Elayne decides to attack Arymilla Marne's forces from the rear with the men that were involved in her rescue. Elayne convinces Chanelle din Seran White Shark to make a gateway to near the Far Madding gate and her forces move through to attack. The horse begin a charge and tear into the force at the gate, who are all bunched up and unable to maneuver. The gate opens and more of Elayne's forces from the city exit to attack. It takes a half hour of slaughter but finally cries of quarter begin to be heard and the battle winds down.

Arymilla, Naean Arawn and Elenia Sarand are captured and brought to Elayne. Shortly after Lir Baryn and Karind Anshar are brought to Elayne. Sylvase Caeren arrives and announces her support for Elayne since Nasin Caeren suffered a seizure leaving her as the head of House Caeren. Lir and Karind also announce their support for Elayne providing her with nine of the ten houses she needs to be confirmed as queen. Now she only has to wait and see what the other noble houses have planned.