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Embers Falling on Dry Grass
1 When Last Sounds
2 The Dark One's Touch
3 At the Gardens
4 A Deal
5 Something... Strange
6 A Stave and a Razor
7 A Cold Medallion
8 Dragons' Eggs
9 A Short Path
10 A Village in Shiota
11 A Hell in Maderin
12 A Manufactory
13 Siege
14 Wet Things
15 A Different Skill
16 The New Follower
17 A Bronze Bear
18 News for the Dragon
19 Vows
20 The Golden Crane
21 Within the Stone
22 To Make an Anchor Weep
23 Call to a Sitting
24 Honey in the Tea
25 Attending Elaida
26 As If the World Were Fog
27 A Plain Wooden Box
28 In Malden
29 The Last Knot
30 Outside the Gates
31 The House on Full Moon Street
32 To Keep the Bargain
33 Nine Out of Ten
34 A Cup of Kaf
35 The Importance of Dyelin
36 Under an Oak
37 Prince of the Ravens

Remember the Old Saying

<<<   The Importance of Dyelin    >>>
Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Hanselle Renshar is meeting with Elayne to request safe conduct for the other Lords and Ladies of High Houses in Andor. Elayne does not know their motives and fears they may assault the city or demand she surrender. Finally she writes out the safe conduct for Luan Norwelyn, Arathelle Renshar, Pelivar Coelan, Aemlyn Carand, Ellorien Traemane and Abelle Pendar appending that they must speak of the Borderlanders which have an army of two hundred thousand not too far from the city. Elayne knows what the Borderlanders plan but is using their presence to try to secure her throne. Dyelin affirms that she does not want the throne and is confident that Elayne will be one of the best queens Andor has had.

Melfane Dawlish the midwife examines Elayne and finds no problems. Elayne dislikes the regular examinations but is happy that her diet has been changed from bland food to a more regular diet. Elayne meets with the nobles in the Grand Hall of the palace. After some insults form Ellorien they request a truce so they can deal with the Borderlanders. Elayne questions the need for a truce since they are not at war and no one else has declared for the throne. They amend the request to be for a temporary agreement. Elayne informs them the Borderlanders are looking for Rand and are camped nearby due to the condition of the roads. Elayne has made an agreement with the Borderlanders and asks the nobles what they would have done differently.

Talk shifts to the Black Tower. Elayne says she can do nothing about the Black Tower, any more than she could do something if the White Tower somehow appeared in Andor. Abelle and Luan then announce their support for Elayne followed by the others except Ellorien. As everyone retires from the Grand Hall, Elayne wonders how long until Tarmon Gai'don?