"Besides, you must remember the old saying. Let the Lord of Chaos rule."
   —Quote from Mazrim Taim

External summary

<<<   Remember the Old Saying    >>>
Setting: Tarasin Palace and the Black Tower
Point of view: Suroth Sabelle Meldarath

Suroth is waiting in Ebou Dar pretending to be in mourning over the death of the Seanchan Empress, while secretly awaiting word from Zaired Elbar that Tuon was dead. She is planning to announce her own ascension to the Crystal Throne and order the death of Captain-General Lunal Galgan once she had received word of Tuon’s death. In the meantime, Efraim Yamada is reporting on the attack that Turan has made against the forces of Arad Doman, and the success of Rodel Ituralde’s trap.

While Suroth berates Turan for falling into Ituralde’s trap, Galgan cuts her off and announces that her forces, the Forerunners, have been subsumed into the Return, which he commands. As Suroth begins to argue with Galgan, Deathwatch Guards enter the room escorting Tuon.

Tuon’s escort throws Elbar’s severed head on the floor, and Tuon announces that Elbar, Suroth’s man to the core, tried to kill her. She orders that Suroth Sabelle Meldarath is no more, and the property that formerly was Suroth will be sold on the block after its hair grows out to a respectable length.

Point of view: Pevara Tazanovni

The setting shifts to the Black Tower in Andor, where Pevara and her coterie consisting of Tarna Feir, Desala Nevanche, Melare, Javindhra Doraille and Jezrail have arrived from Tar Valon. Mazrim Taim agrees to meet with Pevara and she with her escorts are transported via gateway into Taim’s palace. Pevara lays out her plan to have Red sisters bond Asha'man as Warders. Atal Mishraile begins a rude comment to the Red sisters until he is knocked unconscious by a club of air by Taim. Melare goes to Heal him but is told that if he survives until night then he will be allowed to be Healed. Taim then agrees to their proposition. When Pevara expresses surprise at the ease with which Taim acquiesced, Taim suggests that she should simply accept his agreement and be satisfied with it. He then adds, “Besides, you must remember the old saying. Let the Lord of Chaos rule.” The Asha'man in the chamber erupt with laughter that makes Pevara’s hair stand on end.






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