EWoT: Lannis

Lannis was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and an ancient scholar who wrote about the Forsaken.[1]


When Egwene learns that Mesaana hides in the White Tower camouflaging herself to a sister, she asks Yukiri and Saerin to find and learn everything about Mesaana in the library of the Tower. Saerin mentions Lannis:

"The only other thing I could find of relevance, Mother, was a curious reference from the Blue scholar Lannis, who indicated that Mesaana was second only to Demandred in sheer anger. Not hate. Anger. Lannis thought Mesaana was angry – at herself, at the world, at the other Forsaken– because she wasn't one of those at the forefront. That could make her very dangerous.".[2]


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