Lion Throne

The Lion Throne.

The Lion Throne is the ruling seat of power of Andor. It is located in the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, and has golden lion paws on the feet, with the White Lion of Andor picked out in moonstones on the back.[1] The White Lion is also displayed on the front above the queen's head, again in moonstones but within a field of rubies.[2]

Queen of Andor

Morgase Trakand seated on the Lion Throne

The throne is sized for a woman, and no man can sit in it comfortably.[3] As a result of the throne's scaling, Rand al'Thor brought in his own throne to use and placed the Lion Throne on a pedestal behind his own throne. This was meant as a reminder that Elayne Trakand has yet to take the throne, but many misinterpreted it and saw the throne as a prize offered by Rand, this offended many Andorans.

The Lion Throne is alternatively used symbolically for the queenship of Andor with the Rose Crown.


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