EWoT: Llyw

Llyw is a Warder among the Rebel Aes Sedai.


He is very large and "as wide as a horse." He is also described as able to "pass for an Ogier."


His nationality is never mentioned, yet the Welsh look to his name would place him as being from Murandy.

He was bonded to Kairen Stang.


After Kairen is murdered by Aran'gar, his fate is discussed by various Aes Sedai. Romanda Cassin suggests that he be bonded by Myrelle Berengari because she has saved other Warders who had outlived their Aes Sedai. Lelaine Akashi says that maybe he won't do for a husband because of his heavy build. Maigan suggests that she might have a young Blue in mind that isn't interested in men that way that needed a Warder. Lelaine thinks this is a good idea.[1]

He becomes more and more dangerous to himself and others since Kairen's murder.

Myrelle Berengari is persuaded by Faiselle to take his bond to save him after Kairen's murder. Malind Nachenin asks Faiselle about it and wonders how she managed to persuade her. Faiselle simply says she expressed herself forcefully on duty.[2]


  1. What sister might they have in mind? Siuan or Faolain perhaps?
  2. Impressive, since Myrelle is meant to be the Captain-General among the rebels. Perhaps significantly, Faiselle was a former Sitter under Siuan Sanche. This may be related to the Too Young Sitters mystery.
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