EWoT: Loise al'Vere

For others with the same surname, see al'Vere.

Loise al'Vere is the second-youngest daughter of the a'Vere family and the older sister of Egwene.


In "The Wheel of Time Companion" it is hinted that Egwene's mother and all of her sisters can learn to channel the One Power.


Loise was born in the year 975 NE. She is a tomboy as late as age fifteen. Loise was considered the adventurous one, she was the one who hung on to climbing trees long after others girls gave it up. Who sneaked off hunting rabbits and went swimming in the Waterwood long after it was proper for a girl.

She was not allowed to braid her hair until 997 NE.

She and Dag Coplin argue at the annual sheep-shearing over the best technique.[1]

When Perrin Aybara left the Two Rivers for the second time, Loise was looking around at suitors.


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