The current Lord Captain Commander.

The Lord Captain Commander is the supreme head of the Children of the Light. Traditionally, the Lord Captain Commander resides in the Fortress of the Light in Amador, where he directs the Children of the Light. His goal is to unite the lands in the name of the Light, purge all shadowspawn and users of the One Power (often seen as synonymous) from the lands and ultimately to lead the armies of the Light in the Last Battle and the Dark One [verify]. Lord Captain Commanders, with two exceptions (see below), are chosen by the Lord Captains from their own ranks. No Lord Captain Commander has ever been executed but several have been assassinated.[1]

Lord Captain Commanders

  • Pedron Niall - was Lord Captain Commander until Taisham 11, 1000 NE when he was murdered by Abdel Omerna. Omerna was then killed by Eamon Valda. He was viewed as a political and tactical genius. Had a personal grudge against the nation of Illian.
  • Eamon Valda - became the next Lord Captain Commander with the aid of High Inquisitor Rhadam Asunawa. A brilliant swordsman and passionate man, Valda preferred the use of force over subtle strategies. Had an extreme hatred of Aes Sedai. Valda served from Taisham 11, 1000 NE to Aine 4, 1000 NE.
  • Galadedrid Damodred - The current Lord Captain Commander and Elayne Trakand's half-brother. He became Lord Captain Commander when he challenged Eamon Valda to a Trial Beneath the Light (in short, a duel of honor) for his supposed assault and murder of Morgase Trakand. The trial took place on Aine 4, 1000 NE. In a fierce sword fight, Damodred killed Valda and won all of his belongings, titles, and responsibilities including the leadership of the Children. While he does command a bulk of the Children's forces, the Fortress of the Light in Amador, and the remaining Children, are under the control of the Seanchan.


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