"I'll never trust any Aes Sedai. I will use them, because I do need them, but Tower or rebel, I know they'll try to use me, because that is what Aes Sedai do. I'll never trust them, Bashere"
   — Rand to Davram Bashere

External summary

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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn


Point of view: Omni

A wind blows westward across Cairhien to the city of Maerone, then across the river to Aringill. The land is parched with summer temperatures even though the calendar indicates winter. The wind continues until it reaches Caemlyn, where it waves the banners of the Dragon Reborn and Andor.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is practicing the sword against the five best men he can find. Rand almost defeats them, but the last gets in a blow to his head. The nobles in Caemlyn give lavish praises to Rand's sword work, trying to curry favor. Davram Bashere challenges the wisdom of practicing against multiple opponents since a mistake is likely sooner or later. Davram Bashere throws a dagger at Rand, which Rand stops by channeling. The noblemen draw their swords and the Aiel Maidens begin to veil until Rand tells them all to stop. Bashere was just demonstrating that Rand's channeling is better than his sword for defending himself.

Rand is getting thoughts from Lews Therin more and more often now. He makes a comment about taking care of Sammael in Illian, which upsets the nobles who have trouble dealing with the idea that the Forsaken are really loose. Mat and Bashere have put together a good battle plan but it will take a while before it can be implemented.

One of Bashere's men comes in and announces a visitor at the gates: Mazrim Taim.






Sword Forms

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