"A man without trust might as well be dead."
   — Lews Therin Telamon

External summary

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Setting: Caemlyn, Royal Palace of Andor

Point of view: Verin Mathwin

Verin ponders whether the coming of the Dragon Reborn is going to upset the plans she has been making for seventy years.{{Her take-down of the Black Ajah.}} The Two Rivers girls under her care are still upset from the way Rand behaved. Alanna finally uses a threatening illusion to chase them all to their rooms. The Aes Sedai are also concerned about the amnesty for men channeling that Rand has declared. They decide to see if they can do something to stop a lot of men channeling being loosed on the world.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand rides his horse back to the palace, outdistancing his Aiel guardians. He just wants to get far away from Alanna, whom he can still feel in his head. At the palace he Travels to the Farm to get farther away, but it is not far enough―he can still feel Alanna. Only seven men from the initial recruits are able to channel and are being trained by Taim. Rand arranged for the students to also receive sword training, but Taim sent the old soldier away. Rand warns Taim to stay away from the Aes Sedai in Caemlyn and keep the students away also. Taim wants to start recruiting instead of just waiting for men to come to Caemlyn to find out if they can channel. Rand gives permission so that they can increases the number of male channelers as fast as possible.





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