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Setting: Sun Palace


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is preparing to meet with Coiren and the White Tower Aes Sedai. Min is missing and he finally sends Sulin to go to the Aiel tents to fetch her. Coiren and the others come in with servants hauling two large chests of treasure. Rand gets furious when Coiren begins channeling only to find himself cut off from the Source despite his strength. He then notices that the servants are also Aes Sedai and a full circle of thirteen is there to ensure he is shielded.

Point of view: Bain

The Aes Sedai exit with the chests and one of them addresses Bain, who is terrified to be confronted by an Aes Sedai this way. The Aes Sedai implies that Rand abruptly left the audience. They will return in a few days if he reappears, otherwise they may leave the city.

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

When asked, Perrin has no information on where Rand might have gone. He decides to spend the entire day with Faile, but she grabs Loial to play stones with and ignores Perrin.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is in a basement, still stiff from being stuffed in a chest for transport. Six Aes Sedai are maintaining his shield and Lews Therin is silent. He wonders why no one notices the massive amount of channeling.

Point of view: Sorilea

Sorilea passes the house where the Aes Sedai are staying. She vaguely notices the channeling, but they have been doing that since they arrived. She does wonder what happened to Min, who vanished on her way back to the palace.






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