External summary

<<<   The Storm Gathers    >>>
Setting: Salidar

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Elayne and Nynaeve discuss the previous evening and hope the Aes Sedai will take their warnings to heart in the future, but don't really expect them to. Nynaeve is wearing the a'dam bracelet linking her to Moghedien, but Moghedien is washing laundry so Nynaeve can't interrogate her more about the One Power. Nynaeve enters an inn where Logain is telling some Altaran nobles the story of how the Red Ajah helped him instead of stopping him before he declared himself the Dragon Reborn. She finally finds Siuan and insists she let her study her stilling to see if she can Heal it.

Nynaeve senses a storm coming, but the weather is clear and very warm. The Yellow Ajah sisters tell her to forget about trying to Heal stilling but she refuses to comply. Theodrin comes up to her and they talk about the blocks on channeling. Nynaeve is still blocked and Theodrin is tasked to help her break it down. Nynaeve has been avoiding the attempts but now Theodrin insists they try every day. Moghedien finally arrives and tries to teach Nynaeve a complicated weave to detect men channeling.

Elayne enters and announces an emissary from Elaida has arrived. Tarna Feir is talking to the Hall of the Tower and they wonder what is being said.