"The lion is a dangerous animal to hunt, and the Lion Throne more so. Especially for a man. It always kills men who seek it."
   — Morgase to her Amadician attendants
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Setting: Amador, Amadicia

Point of view: Pedron Niall

Pedron Niall makes plans with his two spy masters. The first man is just the publicly known spy master who listens to gossip. His true spymaster is his grumpy secretary Sebban Balwer, who doesn't believe in anything unless there is plenty of proof. They talk about Morgase deciding that she has to give in and let them escort her to Caemlyn to take the throne back for her. The Children of the Light would then get to come and go through Andor whenever they wished. They decide that she will have to give in sooner or later, since the longer she stays penned in with them the more the people would believe that she sided with the Whitecloaks, forcing her agree to their terms.

Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Queen Morgase is riding out with ladies from where she was held in Amador by the Whitecloaks assigned to watch her by Pedron Niall. Morgase ends their hawking for the day and rides slowly back to the palace in Amador. Niall recently informed her that Galad has joined the Whitecloaks. On the way back to the palace, Morgase sees hollow-cheeked refugees. She vows to make the Dragon Reborn pay if he is letting her own people become as bedraggled as this.

One of her attendants likes to try to aggravate Morgase by repeating gossip that should make her unhappy. Actually the news is good to Morgase but she doesn't let on, because the nobles that supported her have not moved to support the Dragon Reborn.








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