EWoT: Luan Norwelyn

Luan Norwelyn is an Andoran nobleman, and High Seat of House Norwelyn.[1] The sign of his House is the Silver Salmon.


He is hard faced and graying rapidly[2].


Along with Lord Abelle Pendar, Lady Arathelle Renshar, Lady Ellorien Traemane, Lady Aemlyn Carand, and Lord Pelivar Coelan, he supported Morgase Trakand for the Lion Throne and was exiled while she was under the influence of "Lord Gaebril[3]."


After Rand al'Thor conquers Caemlyn, he invites Lord Luan back to the Royal Palace, making his intent clear of only holding onto the Lion Throne until Elayne Trakand is able to take over[2]. Rand asks Luan for his support in which he replies that he would prefer to follow Dyelin Taravin[4].

He is approached by the Salidar Aes Sedai delegation with certain promises[5]. With the help of Dyelin he imprisons Elenia Sarand and Naean Arawn who had proclaimed themselves for the Lion Throne when Rand had been kidnapped by the White Tower Aes Sedai[6].

The Lords Abelle, Ellorien and Luan have disappeared from the capital and cannot be found[7]. Elenia Sarand sends agents to Abelle, Ellorien and Luan to see if they might support her for the throne[8].

After leaving Caemlyn Lord Luan sets up camp with Abelle, Arathelle, Ellorien, Aemlyn, and Pelivar. There they sit to the side and stay neutral during Arymilla Marne's siege on Caemlyn against Elayne[9].

When Arymilla's force is defeated[10] a message is sent to Elayne asking for safe passage in Caemlyn for the neutral High Seats. They meet with Elayne and Luan asks for a temporary alliance with Elayne's forces to fight against the Borderlands army in Andor. Elayne reveals she invoked her right as an Aes Sedai and allowed them safe passage across Andor into Murandy to keep looking for the Dragon Reborn.

Luan and then Abelle throw their support behind House Trakand. Arathelle, Aemlyn, and Pelivar also throw their support behind Elayne, but only for Dyelin. This gives Elayne the required amount of Houses to obtain the Lion Throne[11].


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