EWoT: Mabriam en Shereed

Mabriam en Shereed (sometimes her name is rendered "en Shareed") was an Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah, and an ancient Queen of Aramaelle.[1] Though never the Amyrlin Seat, she is held as a legendary sister among sisters of the Gray Ajah and holds a position similar to that of Rashima Kerenmosa among the Green Ajah or Deane Aryman among the Blue Ajah.

Strength and Abilities

Her ability on the Power Strength Scale was equivalent to 9(+4).[1] This would have placed her in a catagory of power comparable to Cadsuane or Nicola and would have given her a strong political advantage within the White Tower.

History records that in addition to being a natural negotiator, she was Ta'veren; able to guide events around her to bend the pattern to her design.


During the late second or early third century After the Breaking, Mabriam proposed to the rulers of the nine other vast countries spanning the Westlands that they sign a formal treaty of alliance binding them together against the threat of the Shadow.

Through Mabriam's ta'veren nature and Aes Sedai help in the negotiations, the Compact of the Ten Nations was signed in 209 AB. The Compact would stand for over eight hundred years and help the kingdoms fight the Trolloc Wars, although the wars would eventually overwhelm and destroy half of the kingdoms. The other half would collapse following the end of the wars and new nations would later arise.

As the ruler of Aramaelle, it is assumed that Mabriam ruled from the capital of Mafal Dadaranell and as an Aes Sedai, it is assumed her reign was a long one.


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