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Maradon is the Saldaean capital. It is situated along the Arinelle River. It sits on the former site of Deranbar, the capital of Jaramide, one of the Ten Nations. It is said that there are towers in Maradon from the tops of which one can see the Blight. The main city gates faces north.

The Cordamora Palace is the residence of the rulers of Saldaea (Queen Tenobia and after the Last Battle it will be Queen Zarine); it lies just inside the main gates. Maradon is the home of a robust court life with many balls and promenades. Maradon is also the site of a Waygate, installed by the Ogier.[1] No bridges cross the Arinelle from Maradon to Whitebridge.[2]


During Moiraine Damodred's search for the newborn Dragon Reborn, Edeyn Arrel went from Maradon to Fal Moran drumming up support to raise the banner of the Golden Crane in Lan Mandragoran's name.[3]

Bayle Domon purchased one of the seals to the Dark One's prison in Maradon[4], which fell into the hands of Turak Aladon; upon Turak's death it was claimed by Moiraine Sedai, and then Rand al'Thor.

The Battle of Maradon

Just some weeks before the Last Battle Maradon was attacked by huge hordes of Shadowspawn aided by Dreadlords. Initially the city was defended by forces sent there by the Dragon Reborn and led by Lord Rodel Ituralde. Ituralde set up camp on the south bank of the Arinelle, and during the first phase they defended the main gate of Maradon to the north, starting the Battle of Maradon, while most of the city's population was evacuated to safety and a Darkfriend governor of the city did not help them.[5]

During the second phase of the battle, Ituralde's forces took refuge inside the city walls. This was effective until Dreadlords destroyed a huge section of the wall itself, allowing Shadowspawn to devastate the capital and to decimate the remaining defensive forces.[6]

During the last phase of the battle the Dragon Reborn arrived with huge forces and he saved the city in an amazing display of the One Power.[7]

Despite Rand al'Thor's awe inspiring display of Power having driven away the Trolloc forces, the city of Maradon is now mostly in ruins with a gaping hole in the city wall. It is unlikely that the city would be able to sustain again a prolonged defense.