EWoT: Marind

Marind was a Da'shain Aiel and the son of Adan and Siedre.[1] His story is learned from Rand's visions in the ter'angreal of Rhuidean.

Ancestry of Rand al'Thor

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He was killed by the first arrow of a raider-attack during the wandering of the Da'shain Aiel in the time of The Breaking. As the last son of Adan, he had a wife called Saralin and two children Maigran and Lewin (age of five and six by the time of his death), whom he left for Adan to raise. He had four siblings. Elwin who starved to death at the age of ten, Sorelle who died in a fever at the age of twelve, Jaren who committed suicide at the age of nineteen after he discovered he could channel and Rhea who was taken by the raiders on the day Marind died. [2]


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