EWoT: Marya Somares

Marya Somares was a Tairen Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah.[1] She had great experience in negotiations.


She was tall and slender with dark deep-set eyes.[1]


During the Aiel War, Marya held the White Tower's seat on a decision-making council for the Grand Alliance. She was advised by Azil Mareed, a Domani and commander of the Tower Guard. She was the only member of the council to be excluded from field command of the armies of the Alliance, most probably because the aversion to Aes Sedai from the Children of the Light.

She supposedly died in her bed but she was actually killed by the Black Ajah because she was suspected to be aware of their goals and to be one of the sisters chosen by Tamra Ospenya to search for the Dragon Reborn.


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