EWoT: Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar

Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar was the King of Illian, Anointed by the Light, Lion of Coast, Defender of the Sea of Storms. His sigil is Three Leopards, silver on black.


He is muscular, robust. He has a white beard with the upper lip bare. He is heavily balding and having a creased face framing a nose which was broken several times in the past.


In 957 NE as a young King, Mattin Stepaneos led a coalition to counter the Whitecloak expansion into Altara in the Whitecloak War. He lost most battles against Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall, and was even captured at the battle of Soremaine. After being ransomed back to Illian by the Whitecloaks, Mattin Stepaneos managed to force the Whitecloaks to reaffirm the pre-war borders between Altara and Amadicia. He came heavily under the influence of Lord Brend (Sammael) but later he reasserted himself. A few days before the attack on the city he vanished.


Two days before Rand al'Thor's forces attack Sammael and Illian, Mattin Stepaneos was kidnapped by the White Tower, on the command of Elaida. He arrived to Tar Valon on one of the last vessels to enter before the harbors were blocked by Egwene's cuendillar chains.[1]

He approaches Egwene al'Vere, who tells him the truth of Colavaere Saighan and Morgase Trakand's deaths. She defends the Dragon Reborn and points out his captivity in the White Tower.

Once Egwene becomes Amyrlin Seat she tells Mattin he is free to leave but he is too afraid to return to Illian and did not try to retake the throne.

He is last seen during the meeting where the Dragon's Peace is signed.


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