EWoT: Medore Damara

Medore Damara is a Tairen noblewoman who is one of the daughters of High Lord Astoril Damara.[1]


She is tall with bright blue eyes and a dark face. She is close to beautiful. Her large bosom makes the puffy-sleeved Tairen coats look odd on her.

Her favorite mare is Redwing.


Estean Andiama plans to marry her or her sister.[2]

A member of Cha Faile. She accompanies Faile Bashere to Ghealdan. When Faile is captured by the Shaido she is forced to obey Perrin Aybara.

She accompanies Perrin Aybara and Sebban Balwer, who has taken Cha Faile under his wing, into So Habor. They find Martyn Tallanvor there and bring him back to Perrin.

Balwer had set Medore up to spy on Berelain and Annoura due to her high rank, but Perrin put a stop to that.

When Perrin and Tylee Khirgan's group go to Almizar, Medore and Balwer slip away to collect information.


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