EWoT: Meilan Mendiana

Meilan Mendiana was a High Lord of Tear of House Mendiana.


He has gray hair with dark eyes. He is tall, lean and hard.


He meets with Rand al'Thor after Rand captures the Stone of Tear.[1] He is one of the High Lords that Rand has ordered to create a treaty with Mayene that is actually fair. His first effort is extremely one-sided in Tear's favor.[2]

When Rand leaves Tear, Meilan is one of the High Lords sent to Cairhien to lead an army there and distribute grain.[3]

When the Shaido attack Cairhien Meilan is in overall charge of the defenses. He swears fealty to Rand after Rand captures Cairhien and defeats the Shaido.

His ambition is to take the Sun Throne for himself. He meets with Nesune Bihara over plotting for the Throne. He is assassinated in the street at Colavaere Saighan's orders who wants the Sun Throne for herself.


Min's viewings shows he will die by the knife. (fulfilled)


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