EWoT: Mili Skane

Mili Skane is the daughter of a saddler from a village near Whitebridge. As a young girl, she went to the White Tower to become an Aes Sedai. When she discovered she couldn't channel, she became a Darkfriend. She was the assassin sent to kill Rand and Mat on their way to Caemlyn.


She is sharp-featured but pretty. Her face is delicate but vulpine. She has glossy brown hair that hangs below her shoulders and big brown eyes. {{ref/book|10|15}

Lady Shiaine

Mili murdered Willim Avarhin and his daughter, Shiaine, and has taken on Shiaine's identity. She is now in Ebou Dar and is under the command of Old Cully and Jaichim Carridin to find the cache of ter'angreal, sa'angreal and angreal that is within the city. When Carridin spots Mat he instead places her in charge of finding and killing him.

Other Darkfriends

As a punishment for her failure to retrieve the angreal and ter'angreal stash in Ebou Dar, Falion Bhoda was given to Mili to use as she wanted. Mili is currently keeping her as a servant.

She also sent Daved Hanlon to the Royal Palace to become a guard and get close to Elayne.

She has also ordered him to free the captive sul'dam in the palace and to burn Caemlyn's food warehouses.


While Lady Shiaine was in Caemlyn, Elayne, Vandene, Careane Fransi and Sareitha Tomares found her, along with Falion and Marillin Gemalphin, at Shiaine's house on Full Moon Street. Recognising them as Black Ajah and Darkfriends, Elayne and the other Aes Sedai attempted to capture them but were thwarted by the return of Asne Zeramene, Chesmal Emry, Eldrith Jhondar and Temaile Kinderode. Careane was revealed as Black Ajah, and the murderer of Ispan Shefar and Adeleas, Vandene's sister. Vandene killed Careane, but Asne killed Vandene as well as Sareitha.

The Black Ajah Sisters kidnapped Elayne from the city but she was rescued by Birgitte, who had felt the incident through her Warder bond, and the Windfinders at the Palace. Asne was killed in the fight and the rest of the Black Ajah sisters and Lady Shiaine were taken to the Royal Palace dungeons where they are currently being held.

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