EWoT: Modrellein

Queen Modrellein was the ruler of Andor c. 300 NE. It is not known what House she was a member of.


Modrellein is noted in history for her role at the Battle of Cuallin Dhen, between Andor and Tear. The Andoran army was beginning to rout, so Queen Modrellein rode into the midst of the enemy army while carrying the Lion Banner. Her troops rallied to her side and won the day. Modrellein's sacrifice is used as an example to demonstrate the courage and honor an Andoran Queen is expected to show as a ruler.


Some printings of the novels also give this name to the mother of Tigraine Mantear and Luc Mantear and the grandmother of Rand al'Thor. Later editions of the novels fix this to the correct spelling, Mordrellen Mantear.

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