EWoT: Muradin

Muradin was a Shaido Aiel. He was first-brother of Couladin.


He enters the glass columns in Rhuidean to become clan chief of the Shaido when Suladric dies.[1] Rand al'Thor comes across him while he is in the glass columns. Like Rand, he passed through the massive ter'angreal during his journey to the heart of the city.

Upon his entering the Columns, Rand sees Muradin, who from his expressions seems to be experiencing the same revelations, flashbacks of the history of the Aiel.[2] While he seemingly resists the overwhelming truths that he discovers at first, he soon succumbs to his horror and shame, and begins to violently wound himself in an attempt to stop the flow of ancient memories. While Rand, who is mentally unaffected, stares on in disbelief and shock, Muradin, in between flashbacks, proceeds to gouge deep scars in his own face. As the final memory (that of the drilling of the Bore) comes upon them, Muradin finally proceeds to tear his own eyes out before gruesomely consuming them.

When Rand's visions amongst the columns finally cease, Muradin is nowhere to be seen. It is speculated by Rand that he fled from the artifacts to die wretchedly in the ruins of Rhuidean. Couladin is wounded by his first-brother's death, and proceeds to accuse Rand of murder.


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