Natrin's Barrow was a fort located in the forests in eastern Arad Doman. It was located on a ridge above water and consisted of a tall, rectangular building built in the form of several towers stacked upon each other, with the towers getting progressively thinner. It is described as having been elegant and fortified yet palatial.


Natrin's Barrow was originally built during the Compact of the Ten Nations as a Saferi fortress guarding the passes from Manetheren through the Mountains of Mist. It had not, however, been used for military purposes since the Trolloc Wars. Around 700 NE, it was taken by Arad Doman and used as a retreat by the Domani kings; subsequently, the estate was granted to a noble house from Toman Head.

Recent activities

After being released in 998 NE, Graendal discovered Natrin's Barrow, admiring its isolation, stark beauty, and proximity to Bandar Eban, and used it as her base of operations for taking over (and later, causing chaos in) Arad Doman. The building was soon filled with servants under heavy Compulsion, including relatives of King Alsalam, though the king himself eluded Graendal's grasp.

In 1000 NE, Rand al'Thor became aware of Graendal's presence at Natrin's Barrow and devised a trap for her which resulted in the complete destruction of Natrin's Barrow with balefire.[1][2]


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