EWoT: Natti Cauthon

For others with the same surname, see Cauthon.

Natti Cauthon is one of the village women of Emond's Field. She is married to Abell Cauthon and has five children: Matrim, Bodewhin, Eldrin and two other daughters,[2] who have not been named. Matrim, better known as Mat is ta'veren and a friend of Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn.

She was usually a cool, collected woman. Mat could not understand how she always knew what he was doing, and did not realize that it was his sisters who kept their mother informed.


She is rescued from the Whitecloak camp by Perrin.[3]

She makes bandages in the Winespring Inn after the first large Trolloc attack.[4] She helps tend to the wounded Tinkers. She also participates in the defense of Emond's Field.


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