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Point of view: Moiraine Damodred
Cadsuane Melaidhrin by rmboye

Cadsuane Sedai by R. Boyé

Moiraine has been riding for approximately three months. Her skin still feels too tight from the Three Oaths. The latest news from Cairhien is that four Houses are vying for the Sun Throne. She is wearing her kesiera and one of her newly-tailored riding dresses. The new Aes Sedai has been traveling as Alys, a minor Cairhienin noble. She is currently in Canluum interviewing Jurin Najima and her daughters Colar and Eselle. Her husband Josef, baby Jerid, and their other sons were killed in a mysterious fire. Jurin claims that her husband was always lucky. He went to fight the Aiel at Lady Kareil's request. Moiraine loses interest in him, though, because he was born in the wrong place to be the Dragon Reborn. She has scratched off many names in her booklet, but hundreds remain. Moiraine returns to her inn, the Gates of Heaven. Five sisters, including one Red, are staying at the same inn. At the inn, Moiraine meets another Aes Sedai who had lectured her once, and also Merean. She hopes they do not recognize her, but when they do, they cover up for her. That same day, Moiraine meets Cadsuane Melaidhrin, an Aes Sedai of legends who she met two years back, when the elderly Aes Sedai came out of retirement during the Aiel War. Rumor has it that Cadsuane kidnapped a Tarabon king who could channel, kidnapped the King of Arad Doman and the Queen of Saldaea to stop a war, and even assaulted an Amyrlin. Cadsuane prods the three other Aes Sedai to a private room, where she questions Moiraine about being incognito, then asks Larelle and Merean about her. They embarrass Moiraine, even telling Cadsuane she and Siuan were caught with mice for Elaida's bed. Moiraine says she is going to Chachin, and immediately regrets her words. Her next targets are Avene Sahera in a village on the way and Lady Ines Demain in Chachin. Cadsuane then brings up age (the first rudeness), shocking the other Aes Sedai. Then she says that Larelle and Merean should go with Moiraine to Chachin to make sure the young Aes Sedai does not do anything dumb. The older Aes Sedai protest as vehemently as Moiraine.


  • The "mysterious fire" was caused by members of the Black Ajah. As it is revealed at the end of New Spring, the Black did sloppy work trying to find the Dragon Reborn. They knew he would be ta'veren, so they just killed men who had been unusually lucky several times in their lives.










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