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Setting: the White Tower


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Moiraine attends private lessons with sisters who follow its content in a political way, increasing even more her suspicions of what the Hall of the Tower intends to do with her once she is raised. Most of the sisters regard Moiraine and Siuan with heated looks because they could be teaching novice classes and, since the Accepted are not in the Tower, the Aes Sedai are left with that task. However, Siuan and Moiraine are inside all day.

Moiraine is lectured by Kerene on the history of Artur Hawkwing 's empire and by Meilyn and Aisha on Saldaean history and Shienaran and Amadician law respectively. Moiraine tries to bring up tales of rumors but the Aes Sedai dismissed them.

New Spring 8

Merean informs Siuan and Moiraine about Elaida's penance

In the Accepted's quarters though, rumor speaks of Gitara 's Fortellings and how Ellid heard Adelorna Bastine say the Keeper had foretold the Last Battle would come during the lifetime of some sisters already in the Tower.

With the possibility of testing within the month, Moiraine and Siuan resume their practice of the one hundred weaves, they are aided by Myrelle Berengari and are visited by Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan who is harsh on the girls. She says she would come back next morning to heal them. Sheriam and Ellid come after the Red sister leaves and apply ointment in their bruises. They talk of reporting to the Mistress of Novices .

The next morning Merean Redhill informs the girls that Elaida had received Mortification of the Flesh for what she had done.

Several days later, Moiraine is formally summoned to test for the shawl of an Aes Sedai.





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