Oncala is the granddaughter of Aviendha and Rand al'Thor. She was seen by Aviendha through her visions in her second visit to the glass columns.


Oncala is the daughter of either Padra or Marinna. She has grown to deeply hate the Seanchan and dislike the nations of the Westlands. She is of the Far Dareis Mai warrior society.


She and Hehyal carried out a successful plan to get the rulers of the Westlands to aid the Aiel in their war with the Seanchan. They gave Seanchan plans to Queen Talana of Andor, Oncala's half-cousin. These were plans to assassinate Talana and attack the various nations of the Westlands: Caemlyn, Illian, Tear, and the Two Rivers. However, they held back the information that the plans were only contingency plans to be carried out only if the nations of the Westlands went to war with them. This causes the nations to go to war with the Seanchan which leads to the events that will eventually cause their downfall. She plans to eventually give up the spear and marry Hehyal.[1]


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