EWoT: Padra

Padra is the daughter of Rand al'Thor and Aviendha as seen through the visions of Aviendha's second trip through the Glass columns. Aviendha experiences possible future events through the eyes of Padra and her descendants.


Born as one of four quadruplets, Padra has two brothers, Alarch and Janduin, and a sister Marinna. Padra and her siblings exhibit exceptional strength in the One Power, having been able to channel since they were children, and hold the Power perpetually, even when sleeping.


As children of the Dragon, Padra and her siblings are given special privileges. Padra is allowed to channel even though she is a Maiden of the Spear and not a Wise One. Padra and her siblings were part of the council of chiefs who decided to go to war with the Seanchan, eventually leading to the destruction of the Aiel people.[1]


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