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Paitar Neramovni Nachiman is King of Arafel. Paitar is totally loyal to his wife Menuki. He is brother to Kiruna Nachiman.


He was good looking when he was younger but now has a creased face and graying hair. He is tall (between 6'2" and 6'3") and strong.


He meets with the other Borderland rulers and makes a blood pact with them before setting out and leaving the Borderlands to look for Rand al'Thor.

The army travels to Braem Wood in Andor where it camps down for the winter. He and the rest of the rulers meet with Elayne Trakand. They agree with her to carry on moving south towards Murandy in exchange for her not raising a hostile hand against them as they travel.

Much later, Paitar and the other Borderlander rulers meet with Rand in Far Madding, where they in accordance with the Foretelling they followed first shed Rand's blood and then asked him about the death of Tellindal Tirraso. He and the other rulers relax considerably as Rand can answer these questions properly, and they accept him as the Dragon Reborn.

Paitar army Travels to the Field of Merrilor and he is one of the rulers arguing in Rand's defense on why everyone should sign the Dragon's Peace. With the timely arrival of Moiraine Damodred, she manages to finally convince everyone that this needs to be done quoting the Karaethon Cycle. To the Borderlander rulers she quotes:

"He call upon the mountains to kneel"

All the rulers finally sign the document. Paitar fights under the Malkieri banner in Tarmon Gai'don at Tarwin's Gap.