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Pevara Tazanovni is an Aes Sedai and a former Sitter of the Red Ajah.

Appearance and Personality

Pevara is a pretty woman with large dark, twinkling eyes, short black hair and a merry face.[1] [2] She is "pleasingly plump", stout and 5'4" or 163 cm in height.[1] Her personality is cheerful, and she has a ready smile. She does not dislike men, as many Red Sisters do;[2] instead, her devotion to her Ajah comes from her belief that gentling male channelers is a way for her to challenge the Shadow to the best of her abilities.

Strength and Abilities

Pevara is one of the strongest and most respected sisters in the White Tower with a One Power strength of 14(2).[1] She is weak in Earth.[3]

She is capable of opening a Gateway and possesses the Talent of Healing.[4] Seaine Herimon notes she was very good at hunting down men who can channel.[2]

After the two-way Bonding with Androl Genhald, Pevara displays unusual abilities caused by this unique situation. These include a limited ability to read one another's thoughts and the normally impossible ability to lead a circle consisting of a male-female pairing.[5][4]


Pevara was born in Kandor in the year 839 NE.[1] Her father was a butcher.[2] Her uncle was a leatherworker who let her play and help in his shop as a child.[5] She had a brother called Georg.[6] She went to the White Tower in 855 NE, spending six years as Novice and five as Accepted.[1] Her whole family was murdered by Darkfriends while she was still a novice.[1] She has little ivory statues of her family and hates all Darkfriends with a passion.[2]

Her best friend during training was Seaine Herimon, with whom she got up to all sorts of mischief, including putting itchoak in Serancha Colvine's shift.[2] Of the two of them, Pevara was the one to think up the pranks the majority of the time and the one work up the courage to actually follow through with them.[1] She nonetheless she remembers the then Mistress of Novices, Sereille Bagand with respect, albeit tinged with fear.[2] Pevara and Seaine were also pillow friends.[1]

She was raised to the Red Ajah in the year 866 NE, the same year Sereille Bagand was raised to the Amyrlin Seat.[2] Right after being raised, Pevara was punished for saying that she wished she had at least one Warder.[2][1] As is common in the Red Ajah, Tesien Jorhald forced Pevara to give up being friends with Seaine as only friendships among the Red were permissible for newly raises sisters.[2]

She was elected as a Sitter in 985 NE, together with Javindhra Doraille and Teslyn Baradon, to replace the three Red Sitters exiled by Marith Jaen. Since being raised a Sitter, Pevara has voiced her wish for a Warder more publicly.[2] Her very high strength, experience and position as a Sitter put her comparable with only a few women in the Tower, such as Yukiri Haruna, Saerin Asnobar and Lelaine Akashi.


Black Ajah Hunter

Approached by the Amyrlin Seat, Seaine Herimon was given the task of searching for proof of treachery within the Tower. Seaine interpreted this as searching for the Black Ajah and coopted her Pevara, thereby reigniting a lapsed friendship.[2] During their investigation, they accidentally discovered the moles planted in the White Tower by the Salidar Aes Sedai and later enlisted them to help with the task.[3]

Their secret activities were noticed by four fellow Sitters, who cornered them and demanded an explanation for their suspicious behaviour. One of these women, Talene Minly, turned out to be Black Ajah herself and the first such sister they were to find who was secretly pledged to the Shadow. The remaining Sitters, Saerin Asnobar, Yukiri Haruna and Doesine Alwain, joined in the hunt and successfully discovered more of the Black Ajah, three of which (Atuan Larisett, Karale Sanghir and Marris Thornhill) they were able to corner.[3]

On learning of the existence of Supreme Council and an upocoming opportunity to intercept them, Pevara's wished to seize the oppotunity to attack the Council head on. Yukiri Haruna dissuaded her from taking suck a reckless course of action by observing that her red shawl had not yet changed to green.[7]

Trapped in The Black Tower

Tarna Feir approached Pevara to propose that the Red Ajah bond Asha'man as Warders.[6] Some time earlier, Pevara had received a message from Toveine Gazal sent from the Black Tower which told of the Aes Sedai had been captured and Bonded by Aha'man. Pevara brings Tarna's plan to Tsutama Rath, Highest of the Red Ajah after which Tsutama charges Javindhra Doraille and Pevara with bringing the proposal to the Black Tower in person.[7] With Pevara in charge, Pevara, Javindhra, Tarna, Jezrail, Melare and Desala Nevanche, Travel to the Black Tower and successfully make an agreement with Mazrim Taim. Taim laughs and quotes "Let the Lord of Chaos Rule", an expression with which Pevara is unfamiliar.[8]

Pevara is convinced by Javindhra to stay in the Black Tower and learn as much as possible about the male channelers gathered there. While Taim is showcasing the defences around the perimeter, he baits them with the arrival of the delegation from the rebels, who are greater in number and accompanied by an army, in order to pressure them into an agreement to Bond the men he wants. Under the pretence of maintaining a defensible perimeter, he informs them that they must inform him if they wish to pass outside of the boundaries of the Black Tower.[9] Javindhra dismisses Taim's restrictions by saying he doesn't know they can Travel and tells Pevara that she can order the others to leave. Pevara is, however, unwilling to leave a woman behind and resolved to have the other sisters convince Javindhra to leave with them.[9]

The first sister she approaches is Tarna Feir but, to Pevara's surprise, Tarna seems to fully accept Taim's new restrictions. When Pevara looks Tarna in the eye, she notes a coldness, almost lifelessness, in her eyes. This is because Tarna has been Turned to the Shadow. Pevara leaves and, after failing to create a gateway, realizes she is trapped.[9] Later, Pevara is contacted by Androl Genhald asking to work together to find a way out of the Tower.[10] She becomes interested in his history and the fact that he can call her out for the usual Aes Sedai manipulations.[11]

After a long, unexplained absence, the Red Ajah decides to replace both Pevara and Javindhra as Sitters. It is assumed that they are missing in action.[12]

Freeing The Black Tower

Pevara explains to Androl and his men that the suspicious behaviour of the Aes Sedai and their former allies is as a result of having been Turned to the Shadow, and act she calls "pure unadulterated evil".[11] After witnessing another ghost procession on the grounds of the Black Tower, she tells him that she is the last of her party that has not yet been taken and that she knows they will come for her and they need to be prepared to defend themselves by forming a circle.[5] Due to the rules of linking, this means she must be willing to give him control.

Androl becomes overwhelmed at suddenly becoming to wield so much of the One Power and is unaware of Pevara's rising sense of fear of being controlled. When he accedes to her panicked request to release her, she Bonds him in a purely reflexive action, although rationalizes the decision by citing Taim's promise to let her bond whomever she wishes. Androl angrily rejects this and bonds her in return. She promises to release Androl if he releases her, but he does not know how and so they are at a stalemate.[5]

During the instant of the second bonding, Pevara feels her own emotions reflected endlessly back and forth and sees his life up until then flash before her, knowing what it is like to be him in a sensation she describes as "intimate" and far beyond the normal awareness that occurs when being part of a circle. The immediate consequences of this are interrupted by Evin Vinchova who announces that Taim has Logain.[5]

She is present when Welyn Kajima reports that Logain and Taim have reconciled and become allies for the sake of the Last Battle and met with the Lord Dragon. Both she Pevara and Androl are suspicious and decide to lay a trap and capture Dobser in order to free Logain.[13] The later execution of this plan is complicated by the unexpected presence of Welyn and Leems, but they manage to detain all three men. When Androl shows his surprise are Pevara's dexterity, she explains that Red Ajah practice these skills.[13] With the help of Emarin, they tease out Logain's location from Dobster, but are attacked and captured while mounting a rescue due to Evin's betrayal to Taim.[14]

Pevara and Androl use their new psychic connection to communicate, with Pevara assuring him that they will find a way to escape.[15] Pevara is later drugged with Forkroot and loses consciousness. This angers Taim as he wanted to Turn her next and the process requires the victim to be able to channel.[16] While still unable to channel, she and Androl cause division among the Turned channelers and Androl manages to signal for help using a tiny Gateway. They and the other captives are rescued by Canler and the Two Rivers men training in the Black Tower and Taim and his cronies are forced to flee.[17]

Pevara is sent by Logain to meet with Lyrelle Arienwin and delegation sent by the Rebel Aes Sedai, who have been unable to gain access to the Black Tower before that point. She tells Lyrelle that male channelers cannot be controlled by the Warder Bond as other men can be and warns her that men only make good Warders if they are both willing and possess suitable skills.[18]

She witnesses Androl meet with Canler, Emarin and Jonneth and make a pact to follow Logain and the Black Tower, explicitly rejecting becoming a pawn of either the White Tower or the Dragon Reborn and choosing their own loyalties as free men.[18]

The Last Battle

During the first hours of the Last Battle in Merrilor, Pevara and Androl lead an infiltration mission against Taim in order to recover the seals to the Dark One's prison. She also comes up with the idea to trap some of the Darkfriend channelers in a Stedding. Androl, wearing the Mask of Mirrors, takes the form of Rand al'Thor. He tricks the Dreadlords by pretending to flee through a gateway. One of the party read the residue left. The gateway led to just outside a Stedding, so when Mishraile and company ran through the gateway, they ran straight into the arms of Ogier inside the Stedding.

Throughout the last battle her and Androl's relationship deepens as they grow to trust each other through their mental link.  It is strongly hinted that they are in love by the end of the series.