EWoT: Pevin

"As near as Rand could make out, his beliefs had been winnowed down to a bare three. The Dragon had been Reborn, the Last Battle was coming, and if he stayed close to Rand al'Thor, he would see his family avenged before the world was destroyed."
   —Rand al'Thor

Pevin is a refugee from Cairhien.


He is older, with a long scar from jaw to hairline. He often has a blank look about himself.


Tragically, Pevin loses his whole family to the Cairhienin Civil War, an ensuing famine, and the Shaido Aiel. He becomes Rand al'Thor's bannerman, because he has nothing to believe in save the Lord Dragon's vengeance on the killers of those he loved. Pevin has discarded the old farmer's coat he used to wear and now wears a red coat with dragons embroidered on it. He stands behind Rand when Rand sends an attack to Caemlyn to confront Rahvin. Pevin narrowly survives a lightning strike sent by Rahvin to kill Rand. However, a Trolloc kills Pevin during the remainder of the battle.