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The term pillow-friends refers to a homosexual relationship between two individuals (usually female ones, making it a lesbian relationship). It is most prevalent in the White Tower.

Novices and Accepted commonly enjoy these relationships as comfort during the hardships of White Tower training, but are viewed as a thing of girlhood[1] and are almost universally abandoned upon gaining the shawl. Some attempt to continue the relationships even as Aes Sedai though.

This has the equivalent term of heart-friends in Seanchan slang.[2][3]

Known pillow-friends

Suspected pillow-friends

First-sisters and/or sister-wives (or equivalent) ambiguous relationships:


Gay men

Author's clarification

"Well, you put fifteen-year-old girls in a tower filled with almost entirely women, with their hormones raging on overdrive, keep them away from men, because you can’t afford to lose any of them, and what do you think is going to happen?"
Marcon 36 convention in May 2001
"Pillow friends are not just good friends. Oh, they are that, too, but they also get hot and sweaty together and muss up the sheets something fierce. By the way, pillow friends is a term used in the White Tower. The same relationship between men or women elsewhere would be called something else, depending on the country."
Robert Jordan's Blog on September 30, 2005
"For the most part, in this world such things are taken as a matter of course. Remember, Cadsuane is surprised that Shalon and Ailil were so hot to hide that they had been sharing a bed even knowing how prim and proper Cairhienin are on the surface. Well, for many it is just on the surface."
The Official Robert Jordan Blog on October 6, 2005

In the television series

The television series portrays several characters as LGBT+ which are not confirmed for the book series.

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