Rahvin's Pet Aes Sedai is an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah who has just been recently raised to the shawl. She is quite young with brown eyes and lacks the ageless look of an Aes Sedai.

She had been planted in Andor by the White Tower ruled by Elaida a'Roihan to spy on Morgase Trakand. She was, however, betrayed by someone from the Black Ajah who told Rahvin. He used Compulsion on her to report back what he wanted the White Tower to know.

It is not known what happened to this Aes Sedai after Rand killed Rahvin and conquered Caemlyn.

"A good many people fled Caemlyn in the days after Rand and the Aiel seized the city; the Palace itself nearly emptied overnight......One fleeing in those first days had been a young Aes Sedai, young enough that her face still lacked the distinctive agelessness.....when she found out who Rand was, she ran screaming. Literally screaming." [1]


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