EWoT: Rand al'Thor

"He is born again! I feel him! The Dragon takes his first breath on the slopes of Dragonmount! He is coming! He is coming! Light help us! Light help the world! He lies in the snow and cries like the thunder! He burns like the sun!"
   —Gitara Moroso, Keeper of the Chronicles[1]

"He came like the wind, like the wind touched everything, and like the wind was gone."
   —from The Dragon Reborn. By Loial, son of Arent, son of Halan, the Fourth Age[2]
For others with the same surname, see al'Thor.

Rand al'Thor born in the year 978 NE on the slopes of Dragonmount during the final hours of the Aiel War; Rand is the most central of the three main protagonists of the series. He is the Dragon Reborn, the champion of the Light in the battle against the Dark One, the prophesied savior and breaker of the world, and the reincarnated soul of Lews Therin Telamon. To the Aiel he is the Car'a'carn, or He Who Comes with the Dawn, and to the Atha'an Miere he is the Coramoor. He is known to the wolves as Shadowkiller and otherwise variously as Lord of the Morning, Prince of the Dawn, and True Defender of the Light. His strength in the power is ++1, putting him above all other channelers in the series except Rahvin and Moridin.


The Dragon Reborn is a handsome, very tall, light-skinned half-Aielman. He has blue-gray eyes and dark reddish, unruly hair hanging just past his ears. Rand has the typical tall, broad shouldered Aiel physique, although he is more slender and not as heavily built as his friend Perrin. He is strong and muscular from years of arduous farm work, archery training, sword practice, fighting and training with the Aiel.

His palms have brands in the shape of a heron that are the marks of the Dragon Reborn in the prophecies and on his forearms are two scarlet and gold, metallic dragons, naming him the Car'a'carn, or Chief of Chiefs, to the Aiel people. He is now missing his left hand up to about the top of his wrist, due to a fire ball thrown by the Forsaken Semirhage during an ambush.[3]

Rand portrait done by John Seamas Gallagher

References on his appearance

"He was a head taller than his father, taller than anyone else in the district, and had little of Tam in him physically, except perhaps for a breadth of shoulder. Gray eyes and the reddish tinge to his hair came from his mother, so Tam said. [4]"
"A bay almost the color of his own hair, [...] his name was Red.[5]"
"And a tall man, hair the color of living coals.[6]"

Family tree

Ishara Casalain
Mordrellen Mantear
Maighdin Trakand
Luc Mantear
Tigraine Mantear1
Taringail Damodred2
Morgase Trakand
Rand al'Thor
Galadedrid Damodred
Gawyn Trakand
Elayne Trakand
  1. Tigraine Mantear was married once to Taringail Damodred and then conceived Rand with Janduin, though they were never married.
  2. Taringail Damodred was married twice. First to Tigraine Mantear and then to Morgase Trakand.

While Moiraine Damodred is the half-sister of Taringail, she and Rand share no blood relationship. Likewise, he and Elayne Trakand share no close blood relationship, despite having a half-brother in common (each shares a different parent) and being distant descendants of Andor's first queen, Ishara Casalain. Due to the fusing of Luc Mantear and Isam Mandragoran, he and Lan Mandragoran have a common relative. Slayer is Rand's uncle and also Lan's cousin.

Ancestry of Janduin

Charn ↠ ? ↠ ? ↠ CouminJonaiAdanMarindLewinJeordam ↠ ? ↠ Rhodric ↠ ? ↠ Comran ↠ ? ↠ Mandein ↠ ... ↠ Janduin ↠ Rand al'Thor

Learned from Rand's visions in the Ter'angreal of Rhuidean.

Channeling abilities

Rand al'Thor is potentially the most powerful channeler ever to be born. He has shown without much training that he could hold Egwene al'Vere and Elayne Trakand, two of the most powerful female channelers, captive in shields while weaving over a dozen other flows, without breathing hard. It is also hinted that he is particularly strong in both Fire and Spirit, because he can force his dreams on others, which requires strength in Spirit, and he can create weaves of Fire without much trouble at all. Rand could also create so many weaves, that other male channelers could not keep track of them all.

Rand with the fat man angreal


Rand, the Dragon Reborn.


Rand al’Thor is the current reincarnation of the soul of Lews Therin Telamon who was first named Dragon, during the War of Power in the Age of Legends. According to Ishamael there are only a few bound to the Wheel as they are. From what is known of the Karaethon Cycle, only the rebirth of the Dragon is prophesied. Although there are other prophecies about the Wolf King and the Fox, no indication is found that their souls are the same, only their purpose for which they are woven into the Pattern. Unlike Ishamael who possesses his memory back to the very beginning of Time, the Dragon as the Champion of Light has to go under a painful process of regaining his memories which are essential for the victory over the Shadow. Several times when his rebirth occurs he fails to succeed in one way or another but he never turns to the Shadow. [7]

Proof of the rebirth of a particular soul

WoT Japanese WH4.gif

Rand first starts intuitively weaving what he has never heard of or seen before – from Lews Therin. E.g. blocking a gateway from closing.[8] Then he starts hearing Lews Therin's voice in his head. From Dumai's Wells they are able to talk to each other, having conversations and Lews Therin teaches Rand to do things, such as opening a knot on a saidar shield. [9] Later Lews Therin is able to seize saidin from Rand and use his body for channeling.[10] Atop of Dragonmount, Rand and Lews Therin finally become One person [11] [12] and Rand admits they have always been one, only he was not able to accept that. When Rand faces the Dark One he is Lews Therin and Rand al'Thor with all their memories, skills and knowledge in one person.



Rand was born on the last day of the Blood Snow, 978 NE, during the famous battle at the end of the Aiel War, on the slopes of Dragonmount as prophesied. Gitara Moroso died Foretelling his birth, apparently due to the sheer force of the prophecy. His mother was Tigraine Mantear,[13]

Born on the slopes of Dragonmount as prophesied

the former Daughter-Heir of Andor who had fled to the Aiel Waste to become a Maiden of the Spear. She had been convinced to flee by none other than Gitara herself, who said the world would be doomed if she did not. Tigraine, who renamed herself Shaiel, also died moments after giving birth. Rand's father was Janduin, the youngest clan chief in memory, who led the Shaarad, Reyn, Nakai and Taardad clans to kill King Laman Damodred of Cairhien for his sin. When Janduin heard Shaiel had died, he relinquished his leadership and went off to the Great Blight to fight Trollocs, where he was apparently killed by a man with Tigraine's face, believed to be her brother Luc.

Young Rand in the Two Rivers (From the Eye of the World comic, Serbian translation)

Rand was found and named by Tam al'Thor, a man who had joined the Illianer army seeking adventure, and fought at the Battle of the Blood Snow. He and his new wife, Kari al'Thor, took the baby back with them to Tam's home village, Emond's Field.


From the Two Rivers

"What kind of need would be great enough that we'd want the Dragon to save us from it? As well ask for help from the Dark One."
   —Rand (The Eye of the World, Chapter 3)

On Winternight, 998 NE, Trollocs attacked Emond's Field. Rand, Perrin, Mat, Egwene and Thom Merrilin were led out of Emond's Field by Moiraine Sedai and her Warder, Lan Mandragoran, Nynaeve al'Meara following on her own shortly thereafter ostensibly to "bring the children home." Thom was not a resident of the village, but a gleeman who happened to be in Emond's Field just then. It is during this journey that hints are given that Rand can channel; when he gets goose bumps on his arms when Moiraine channels near him and when the group are healed from their fatigue but Bela is perfect as Rand already healed the horse (for which he suffers a bout of reckless bravado with a trio of Whitecloaks). His first big use of saidin is when the Darkfriend Howal Gode tries to attack Rand and Mat. Rand blasts a hole in the wall, blinding Mat temporarily. He then suffers flu-like symptoms after this heavy use of the One Power.


Lan began teaching Rand the sword; Rand has since achieved a high enough level of skill to be considered a blademaster. Along with Loial, the Ogier, Moiraine led them to the Eye of the World in the Blight. Rand killed Aginor there, tapping into the Eye's pure saidin.[14] He then defeated Ba'alzamon and was convinced he had killed the Dark One; he also helped out during the battle in Tarwin's Gap, helping the Shienarans win. On their arrival at Fal Dara, Rand was told by the Amyrlin Seat, Siuan Sanche, that he is the Dragon Reborn - an accusation which he did not believe at that time. It was also at this time that he was told about his true heritage.

Rand's heron-marked palm

After the Horn of Valere was stolen, Rand, Mat, Perrin and Loial accompanied Ingtar Shinowa and the Shienarans to reclaim it.[15] During this journey, his palms were branded with two herons from the tilt of his own Heron-marked sword and by Ba'alzamon's power to fulfill the Prophecies. For his right hand "to set his path" [16] and for his left hand "to name him true" [17] . Having the Horn and the Shadar Logoth dagger back Rand feels to be drawn back to Falme. Discovering the Whitecloaks army Mat decides to sound the Horn to call the Heroes for help. Rand reveals the Dragon Banner, sets the heroes on their mission to free Egwene and drive back the invaders into the sea, but after he leads them into the battle he separately finds his own fight with Ba'alzamon again. This time they fight in the sky, visible to everyone around Falme in full view. After the battle parchments of street artist are spread all over Westland depicting him with recognisable face fighting in the Sky above Falme and naming him the Dragon Reborn. He's destiny is permanently set. Meanwhile, down below them the Heroes and the Whitecloaks fight with the Seanchan and as the two fights are linked, with the victory of Rand they also won over the Seanchan.

Rand seated atop the Dragon Banner.

Artwork by Donato Giancola

To defeat Ba'alzamon Rand uses the sword form Heron Wading in the Rushes which opens his defenses and allows Ba'alzamon to strike home with his staff leaving Rand with the incurable wound in his left side which at the end fulfills the Prophecies having his blood on the stones of Shayol Ghul.[17] While Heron Wading in the Rushes provides Rand with a malignant wound, it also allowed him to defeat Ba'alzamon again in single combat. Driving his blade into Ba'alzamon's heart destroys his Heron-marked, Power-wrought sword. Only a foot length of it remains.[18] As this battle proclaimed him the Dragon Reborn, Rand finally accepts his fate.[19]

The Dragon Reborn

"Come against me, if you dare! I am the storm! Come if you dare, Shai'tan! I am the Dragon Reborn!"
   —Rand (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 24)

Rand taking Callandor

That winter, he camped with Moiraine, Perrin, Min Farshaw, and the Shienarans. Concerned for the safety of his friends upon learning that Ba'alzamon still hunted him, Rand journeyed to Tear alone,[20] deciding this quest would end or begin his life. In the Stone of Tear, he took the blade Callandor, fulfilling a major prophecy and confirming his identity as Dragon Reborn in the minds of many, including himself. During this battle, he finally killed Ba'alzamon (Ishamael).[21] It is after this that Egwene tells Rand that she loves him only as a brother now, for which he is relieved as he feels the same. This lets Elayne confess her feelings for Rand which Rand reciprocates and they kiss for the first time. The girls also work out that Rand can feel, via goosebumps on his arms, when a woman is touching saidar.


To Rhuidean

Using the twisted redstone doorway in the Stone's cache of ter'angreal, Rand visits the Aelfinn and obtains answers to three questions regarding his future; perhaps due to the nature of his questions, he barely escapes alive.[22] He then set out with Mat, Egwene and Moiraine, and a thousand-plus Aiel warriors, via a Portal Stone to the Aiel Waste,[23] seeking the endorsement of the Aiel as their Car'a'carn, literally a "chief of chiefs."

Rand receives the dragon tattoos that mark him Car'a'carn

He was allowed to enter Rhuidean, where he learned the true origins of the Aiel; that they were once a peaceful people, sworn to do no harm, and aid the Aes Sedai.[24] When he emerged, he was declared as He Who Comes with the Dawn with a dragon on each arm.[25] However, his revelation to the Aiel of their past has nearly destroyed them; the bleakness continues to drive many hardened Aiel soldiers to throw down their spears every day.

He later battled the Forsaken Asmodean in Rhuidean, successfully cutting his ties to the Dark One.[26] There he found the male and female access keys to the Choedan Kal. Lanfear then shielded Asmodean so he could only channel a trickle, and forced the male Forsaken to teach him the use of saidin. This was a desperate choice, Rand knew that if anyone discovered he was learning from the Forsaken he might lose the fragile following he had achieved so far.

Rand as Lord Dragon portrait done by John Seamas Gallagher

The Lord Dragon

"I am the Dragon Reborn. Denying won’t change it. Wishing won’t change it. I’m not the man you knew back in Emond’s Field. Do you understand now? Do you?"
   —Rand (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 10)

Leading the Aiel out of the Three-Fold Land, he took Cairhien and Caemlyn, killing Rahvin.[27] During this same time, Moiraine Sedai and Lanfear were both apparently killed when they fell through a ter'angreal.[28] After taking Caemlyn, he announced an amnesty for all male channelers. This brought Mazrim Taim, a former false Dragon, into his service.[29] Taim has aided Rand by training the male channelers who come to him. These men become Asha'man and their training ground is called the Black Tower, which is Rand's answer to the White Tower. Taim is the M'Hael, leader of the Tower, although his true intentions have yet to be revealed; it is speculated he is a Darkfriend of some authority and power.

Rand was then approached by embassies from the Aes Sedai in the White Tower under Elaida, from the Salidar faction and the Unaligned Sisters, most prominently among them the legendary Green Cadsuane Melaidhrin, who would come to play an immense role in his future. Elaida's embassy kidnapped him and shielded him. He escaped at Dumai's Wells, triggering a large and bloody battle, and has since forced many Aes Sedai on both sides to swear fealty to him.[9] With all that was happening around him, he has found it too difficult to cope with if he allows his emotions to exist, and so he has pushed them down and turned himself into stone, feeling nothing. It is this that Cadsuane is determined to reverse.

The Crown of Swords and the Seanchan


Rand took Illian using Davram Bashere's army and a group of Asha'man. During the attack, he drove out the Forsaken Sammael and followed him to Shadar Logoth, where the Forsaken was killed by Mashadar.[30] With the fall of Illian, the disappearance of Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar, and Rand's forced sale of grain to Illian from Tear, the Council of Nine declared Rand king.

After snuffing out Sammael's Illianer followers, Rand set his focus on the Seanchan, who had conquered neighboring Altara and had set their sights on Illian. In northern Altara, Rand's forces fought the Seanchan to a stalemate, driving the Hailene back to Ebou Dar temporarily, but causing heavy losses on Rand's side as well.[31]

Cleansing saidin

Rand using the access key to cleanse saidin

Artwork by Scott M. Fischer

Later, Rand goes in disguise to Nynaeve using the alias Nuli and reveals his plan to her and asks for help to cleanse saidin. Elayne, Aviendha and Min all bond Rand as their warder.


Min predicts that Elayne will get with child from Rand, and the pair spend a night together after the bonding to make that come about. Elayne's other warder (Birgitte Silverbow) is a bit upset at being able to feel the heir's emotions and gets drunk to block them out. While both Aviendha and Min had consummated their relationships with Rand previously, they also politely try to block it out. Aviendha is able to do so using Saidar, but Min (who like Birgitte, cannot channel) takes the liquid route.

Rand, Cadsuane, Nynaeve and the others of his party leave Far Madding to retrieve Callandor and Travel to Shadar Logoth. It is here that Rand puts into action his daring plan to cleanse the taint from saidin, using the evil within Shadar Logoth to battle that of the taint. Rand and Nynaeve link, using the power of the Choedan Kal sa'angreal and, while Cadsuane and the other Aes Sedai, Asha'man, and Windfinders hold off the inevitable attack by the Forsaken, succeed in removing the Dark One's hold over the male half of the Source.[32] Shadar Logoth is annihilated during the cleansing and nothing but a crater three miles across remains.

Al'Thor's women by Liz Stephanoff.

Realizing that he can't fight the Seanchan and the Shadow at the same time, Rand later sent Loial, Logain Ablar, and Bashere to Ebou Dar to negotiate a truce with the Seanchan.[33] They return with the news that the High Lady Suroth wants Rand to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

Meeting with Semirhage

The meeting, in a manor in the countryside, is a trap set by the Forsaken Semirhage, using the Mask of Mirrors to disguise herself as Tuon. As Rand is approaching, he identifies Semirhage because of Cadsuane's ter'angreal, but she attacks with the One Power before he has a chance to react. Semirhage sends a fireball in Rand's direction, and the blast hits his arm, causing him to lose his left hand.[3] Semirhage is captured and shielded. Rand sends the sul'dam and damane to Ebou Dar to inform the Daughter of the Nine Moons that the Dragon Reborn still wants to meet with her.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

While captive, Semirhage alleges that Rand hearing the voice of Lews Therin Telamon in his head is a form of incurable insanity and is likely to end in his death.[3]

Pacifying Arad Doman

Most recently, Rand has moved large numbers of Aiel into Arad Doman with the intent of pacifying and re-ordering the country. He also used Sea Folk ships to supply Bandar Eban with food to combat famine. Common bandits being no match for the Aiel, he easily occupied the region. He also secured the assistance of the Great Captain Rodel Ituralde in guarding the unprotected border of the Blight. However, he experienced difficulty restoring order. He attempted to use the Council of Merchants to replace the missing king--whom he suspected of being under Compulsion to Graendal--but was unable to locate enough of them to elect a new king. After failing to reach an accommodation with the Seanchan, he leaves Arad Doman in a rage. While departing he is informed that the all of the grain has spoiled. Dejected at yet another failure, Rand leaves Arad Doman to its fate.


While dreaming one night, he found himself in Tel'aran'rhiod. On further investigation he discovered that he had somehow been transported to Moridin's lair. While there, he had a genial conversation with Moridin who revealed to Rand that he is Ishamael reborn and that balefire is the only way one of the Forsaken can be destroyed for good. Before leaving Rand was shocked to find that Moridin didn't bring Rand to his place.

Atop Dragonmount, from a German translation book cover

Following his revelation on the summit of Dragonmount, Rand returns to Bandar Eban to atone for his previous failure. Finding the city starving and desperate, he and Min locate three former King's Guards, who he commissions to help restore order, providing them with weapons and armor from Tear. These soldiers quickly gain five hundred recruits. Rand then returns to the Sea Folk ships, which are kept under quarantine by Iralin, the dockmaster. Iralin is initially enraged at Rand's abandonment of Arad Doman, but Rand boards one of the Sea Folk ships and discovers that every unopened bag of food remains unspoiled. With hope restored, Rand appoints Iralin as his steward in Bandar Eban and names him to the Council of Merchants.

Touching the True Power

Rand continues to descend deeper into madness, attempting to become ever harder and harder, especially after Semirhage who had been freed by Shaidar Haran and Elza Penfell, bound him with the Domination Band and forced him to try to strangle Min. In a fit of desperation, Rand unknowingly reached out and channeled the True Power, possibly through his link with Moridin.

Rand protecting Min from Semirhage.

Artwork by Michael Komarck

With it he wove fire and destroyed the collar of the Band. Free from its control, he killed both Semirhage and Elza with balefire. The full implications of this turn of events are not yet understood, and for her failure he banned Cadsuane from his sight, threatening her with execution (though this did not stop her scheming with the Wise Ones and her fellow Aes Sedai).

Later, Rand met with Tuon at Falme in order to set a truce. However, despite his ta'veren nature, Tuon refused to accept his conditions. She instead demanded that he bow to her in accordance with the Seanchan Prophecies, causing Rand to leave.

While in Arad Doman, his search for the King caused him to come across information concerning the location of Graendal, and, when Nyneave chanced upon one of Graendal's toys operating in Bandar Eban, he took the opportunity to attack her. Discerning her likely location, he used a disloyal and manipulative Domani noble to determine her presence, and then, in a fitting display of his encroaching insanity, proceeded to destroy the entire manor complex with Balefire, to the disgust of both Min and Nyneave.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

Ultimately, however, Rand's plans for Arad Doman met with failure, as he was barely able to re-establish the government in the region, the peace process with the Seanchan, held at Falme with the Daughter of the Nine Moons, fell flat on its face, and the grain intended to relieve the famine suddenly rotted. Faced with this, he abandoned the country to starvation, anarchy, and Seanchan invasion, and returned to Tear.

Rand would meet with frustration once again at the meeting with the Borderlanders. Reunited with the Sniffer Hurin for the first time in years, he greeted his old friend with harsh words, and, enraged at the Borderlanders' refusal to meet with him except inside the city of Far Madding, threatened them with destruction and once again returned to the Stone.

Rand, with sword and spear.

He returned to Tear, from where he planned to march to Shayol Ghul. He also seemed eager to attack Ebou Dar, but was delayed when he found Tam al'Thor waiting for him in his bedroom. Rand was greatly angered when Tam accidentally revealed that Cadsuane had brought him there, in his rage nearly losing all control, and almost killing Tam with the One Power. Fleeing to Ebou Dar with the Choedan Kal access key, he came close to carrying out his one-man assault on the Seanchan, but stopped short when he saw all the people of Ebou Dar's concern for him when he was gripped by the summoning sickness. He made a gateway and Skimmed to a seemingly random place, eventually ending up on the top of Dragonmount.

The fight with the Shadow

Spending hours at the top of the mountain, hiding in a crevice from the cold, Rand is slowly being consumed by the anger that has been welling up in him over the last year, and it now is not focused on one place. Angry at himself, his friends, his enemies, the world, the pattern and even the Creator himself, rationalizing his anger that everything seems to be doomed to destruction, fire and death no matter what he tries.

Drawing in as much of the One Power as it is possible to do, through the Choedan Kal, Rand screams to the heavens what is the point if everyone is doomed to die and repeat things over and over?

Its in this moment that he asks what the reason is, why everyone is in a world that repeats itself constantly and never seems to be able to end, and in that moment Lews Therin gives the explanation as to why things repeat.                             

“So we can see them again, have a chance to change things.”

This revelation rocks Rand to his core, understanding finally why the world is the way it is, why people are put through things over and over, to have another chance to live, to love and to be happy again, even if things are hard and people may fail, they are given as many chances as is possible to have to better themselves and the world.

Rand calling lightning

Undergoing a considerable mental transformation, Rand destroys the Choeden Kal itself through the access key, believing that such power was dangerous, and that Callandor was all he needed. He then departed Dragonmount, with the certainty that he will never hear Lews Therin's voice in his head again, because they were not two men, and never had been. [11]

Rand reforged

Rand holding Callandor.

Rand's transformation, as noted above, has enabled him to finally become what the Creator intended him to be: an opposition to the Dark One. Almen Bunt sees this as Rand walks down Dragonmount and into the valley, where there is an apple orchard where the apples are going rotten as soon as they are ripe because of the Dark One's taint. Rand's very presence is shown to reverse the taint and rot and allows the apples to be harvested.[34] He then makes his way to the White Tower. While there he thanks Siuan for taking the arrow for him in Fal Dara and receives a letter delivered from Tiana Noselle. He then meets with Egwene in the Hall of the Tower and congratulates her on becoming Amyrlin Seat. He then informs her that he is intending to break all the Great Seals to the Dark One's prison and that he needs the help of saidar as well as saidin this time. As he talks he refers to Lews Therin as himself. He then tells her to meet him at the Field of Merrilor where they will discuss his terms before going on to Shayol Ghul.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

He then Travels back to the Stone of Tear. He gathers all the High Lords and Ladies of Tear in a line and looks deeply into each one of their eyes. Weiramon and Anaiyella are both revealed to be Darkfriends and are sent away. He then promises the Aiel that he will always keep his escort of Maidens from now on and that he will meet the toh he has gained. He then sees Tam and goes to him, finally weeping on his shoulder and asks for forgiveness. He then introduces Tam to Min.

Final pieces to his army

Rand returns to Bandar Eban were he suffers a severe bout of guilt for leaving the Arad Doman when it had served it's function. After being cheered up by Min he begins to reestablish the law within the city by promoting Durnham as Commander and Iralin as Steward. Rand's ta'veren nature kicks in and a large proportion of the population begin to start cleaning themselves and the areas around them and going about the routine of daily life. Rand, Min and their guard of 500 now go to the Seafolk ships in port. After asking to board Milis din Shalada Three Stars' ship the company head to the hold where all the tainted grain is held. Rand uncovers barrel-loads of untainted grain and wheat that had previously been unopened. Rand then asks Iralin and Durnham to distribute the cooked food to the starving population changing Arad Doman into a semi-functioning city again.

Rand then Travels to Maradon where they find Ituralde only just managing to hold onto the city with the timely aid and Bashere and his soldiers. Rand Travels out to the front of the city to face the oncoming invading Shadowspawn army with only his two Maiden guard. He then creates with the One Power a maelstrom of light and fire and sends tempests of destruction into the ranks of the Shadowspawn army. When the storm finally disapates, tens of thousands of Trolloc carcasses are left across the battlefield, leaving no trace of a single living Shadowspawn. Utterly exhausted he returns to Tear with Bashere and Ituralde's remaining forces. He then escorts Ituralde to Cadsuane's quarters where Ituralde's king Alsalam Saeed Almadar is being kept.

Rand by Ariel Burgess, Official Wheel of Time Artist

Rand sends Naeff disguised to the Black Tower to deliver a message to Logain. The message is that Rand was wrong and that the Asha'man are men and not just weapons. Rand then finally decides to re-meet with the Borderlander army stationed in Far Madding taking Min and Cadsuane with him. Cadsuane is chagrined when Rand corrects her on calling him boy when he is several centuries older than her. She then begins to call Rand by his proper name. Rand greets the four rulers of the Borderlands just outside the city, where each one measures his restraint with a solid strike across his face. Then standing all-to-near to Rand, Paitar Nachiman asks Rand the answer to a riddle involving Tellindal Tirraso. Paitr steps down when Rand answers correctly. They all sit down to formerly discuss matters when Rand asks for their oath of obedience in exchange for him to teach the Borderlander rulers Aes Sedai the secret of Traveling. He asks them to fight under his banner in the Last Battle or to sit in the middle of nowhere and have everyone else do the fighting.

Rand is traveling within his dreams when he hears a scream of pain. He goes to the area where the sounds of distress are coming from and finds a dark, light-less cave. Inside he finds Cyndane in agony. She begs him for help and apologizes for everything she put him through before being dragged out of the dream by her torturer.

Rand al'Thor by Ariel Burgess, Official Wheel of Time Artist

The Dragon's Peace

After being months apart, Perrin and Rand finally catch up with each other at the Field of Merrilor. Rand notices Perrin's growth and how he has become a natural leader. Perrin lends Sebban Balwer to Rand, and they go visit him. Balwer reports that all the monarchs of the world will be present at Rand's meeting on the morrow. Rand also learns that Elayne is pregnant and that he will be a father. After he has been on the Field of Merrilor for a while, Aviendha visits him in his tent and insists upon bedding him, the maidens audibly voicing approval in the traditional Aiel manner of shouting insults. Upon awakening, Aviendha asks that he grant her a boon, without telling him what it is. She explains that she will know what to request during the meeting, and he promises to grant it, whatever it may be. Rand then has a "shower" with her, channeling water and soap around them, as was done in the Age of Legends.

Rand al'Thor, The Dragon Reborn

While asleep, he is pulled into Moridin's dreamshard due to their connection. Rand reveals that he knows that Lanfear lives again. Moridin tells him that her name is now Cyndane and she now hates Rand. They debate the point to their never-ending cycle of battles. Rand releases his full ta'veren nature and causes sunlight to stream through the clouds and cause all the dying grasslands around to become lush and green again. Moridin is shocked by what he has seen and flees the dream.

During the meeting, almost every nation is represented; including some that were considered inconsequential and powerless until this time. Once everyone who is going to attend is present, Rand reveals a document that he names "The Dragon's Peace". Once he states the basic principle of it, Elayne snatches it from him, hastily reading it for more detail. Once smaller copies are distributed and the rulers begin reading, it becomes clear that they would not willingly sign such a thing, mostly because it fixed their borders where they were. Rand, being prepared for this, explains that they have no choice. If they refused to sign it, he would refuse to sacrifice himself to face the Dark One.

As the chaos proceeds, a figure enters the tent who silences everyone, Rand included. Moiraine quells the chaos, quoting prophesy to make it clear that these events were necessary and expected. As she makes it known that she is still alive, the kings, queens, and even Nynaeve express joy at her return. Moiraine manages to convince those present that the document is worth signing, but it is still unanimous that some details remain to be worked out.

It is at this time that Aviendha reveals the nature of her boon. Seeking to prevent the future she saw in her vision, she requests that Rand include the Aiel in the Dragon's Peace. Rand agrees to this when the other Wise Ones express their support, and Perrin convinces Rand to give them a further purpose. Following this line of thought, Rand assigns the Aiel to be the enforcers of the Dragon's Peace. To settle the Seanchan issue, he also adds the provision that should it not be signed by the Empress, the document would be void. With these additions, the rulers sign.

Final farewells

Rand Travels to the Andoran war-front to meet with Elayne. There they have a big discussion on how the war progresses, tactics, the art of ruling and their babies Elayne carries inside her. They both understand the pressures of ruling and politics which helps strength their connection and love between each other. Elayne asks about Rand being Lews Therin and instead of being shocked by the answer, she believes that it is an advantage to have such wisdom for their cause. Rand discusses his ta'veren nature. Due to the Dark One having such a negative effect on the world at present, Rand is the Balance, bringing out more random positive occurrences around him. Finally Rand gives her a Seed, in the hope that she can create a new angreal. In return Elayne gives him the Dull dagger. The two stay together for most of the night. Rand next Travels to Lan's camp. There he gifts Lan with the crown of Malkier for both him and Nynaeve, created from old drawings. Rand tells Lan that Elayne taught him to rule, but Lan himself taught him to stand. He then Travels out into the battle-front against Moiraine's wishes. Rand starts burning away Trollocs as he did at Maradon, until chanelers start throwing shields at him. He starts destroying the Dreadlords where they hide until he realizes that it is probably a trap. A full circle of Dreadlords throw a shield at him and he manages to hold it back before escaping the battle back through the gateway he created. Rand knows that now is not the time to exhaust himself out on the battlefield, as he needs to be full health for his confrontation with the Dark One. He realizes that chanelers are on the battle-field looking for him specifically to attack him when he appears. Rand can no longer fight the Last Battle out in the open anymore and will have to leave it to others.

The night before the commencement of the Last Battle, Rand is walking through one of his dreamshards he has created. There he finds a dark cavern not of his own creation. He walks in and finds Cyndane, apparently being tortured by Moridin. She attempts to manipulate Rand into helping her but Rand, having integrated Lews Therin's memories into his own, recognized that she was faking her torment in order to engender his sympathy. Found out, she ceased her charade and the two conversed for a short time. During this conversation, Rand offered her one last chance for redemption, and prompted her to let him see inside her mind in order to examine her sincerity in accepting his offer. Though appearing to genuinely consider allowing Rand to see into her mind, she ultimately refused, citing her recent torments as having caused her to mistrust Rand's intentions. Rand however, understood that Cyndane could simply not let go of her desire for power, and showed her his own mind in order to make her understand that the only feeling he still had for her was pity; not affection for their past relationship, and not anger or bitterness over her betrayals. As he departed, Rand simply told her to make herself scarce during the Last Battle.

Rand Travels to Shayol Ghul and tests whether the dull dagger works. While Rand is there, Perrin approaches him and asks if he can create a gateway into tel'aran'rhiod, where he will enter in the flesh. Rand warns him that it is evil but complies. The two say a final farewell to each other and embrace. Perrin asks for a gateway to be opened at the Field of Merrilor once a day at dawn and then steps through with Gaul into tel'aran'rhiod.

Rand then makes his way back to Braem Wood where Elayne's camp is. There he meets with his father for the last time. Rand gives Justice to his father, apologizing for losing his original Heron-marked blade. Tam feels the blade is to good for him, but Rand tells him nothing is too good for his father. Tam tells Rand that the flame and the void are never just about weapons but centering ones self. Tam asks Rand to practice sword-play with him. The two trade blows with each other for awhile but Rand finds it difficult to fight one handed, often reverting to forms that are two-handed by instinct and fumbling it. Tam then fights Rand one-handed as well. Rand finds it difficult to defend his father, let alone pressing an attack. He keeps making excuses for why he is finding the bout so difficult but realizes that Tam is also disadvantaged and still continues to fight well. During their bout, Tam keeps telling Rand to let everything go. Rand finally puts all his emotions away and concentrates on the duel. The men finally stop and Tam tells Rand that he had been carrying a massive weight. Rand looks down at his stump and confirms this. He reflects later on how uplifted he feels after speaking with his father.

Moiraine and Rand have a moment to catch up before he launches his attack on Shayol Ghul. She tries to probe what his plan is against the Dark One. Rand tells her that he wishes to make peace with the Seanchan first, as Mat is with the Empress now. He also reveals that he wishes to actually kill the Dark One, due to him not being apart of the Pattern. Moiraine does not believe it cannot be done. He tells her he has more wisdom over his accrued lifetime counting Lews Therin's life, but she brushes it off knowing he only has the memories. She then commands him to make him some tea, which Rand moves off to comply with, before realizing what she just did to him.

Final piece to peace

Rand appears before Fortuona, unarmed and shielded, and admits that he used Mat to track her down. While staring at possible execution, Rand and Mat begin comparing exploits, trying to one-up the other. After Rand concludes that the cleansing of saidin trumps all Mat's accomplishments, he begins to rip apart Fortuona's logic behind her right to rule; forcing her to admit that he is Dragon Reborn and that he held dominion over these lands well before Artur Hawkwing began the Consolidation, as Lews Therin Telamon. He gives her a powerful omen to support his Peace, by singing a song that causes the garden to grow right before their eyes. After disputing the borders of Almoth Plain and the Marath'damane captured in the main land, Rand then kneels in-front of Fortuona and raises his arm out to her. Rand and the Empress agree to sign the Dragon's Peace, and the Seanchan decide to enter the Last Battle by helping the overwhelmed forces of the White Tower. Before Mat leaves, he tells Rand that he saved Moiraine, thereby beating the cleansing of the source. Rand laughs.

Rand Travels from battle-front to battle-front using the Mirror of Mists weave to conceal his own identity. He uses Jur Grady's face while fighting in the Andoran front. As the clouds begin to disperse around Rand revealing his presence, he drops the weave showing himself to his men that fight in his name. While Rand waits with Min at Merrilor, he reflects on how he would have fallen during the dark days without Min. Cadsuane has a last word with Rand alone, before his strike on Shayol Ghul. She tells Rand that he should not assume he will die at Shayol Ghul. Cadsuane is also pleased with how he has turned out. She then asks about what Rand expects to do about the Black Tower. Rand knows it is a trap and is hesitant to answer. Cadsuane reveals they have freed themselves but are recovering from their ordeal.

Rand meets with Egwene before he goes to Shayol Ghul. He shows her a ribbon he had kept for her, for when Egwene was of age to braid her hair. The two embrace each other, even though they still do not see eye to eye about the matter of the seals. Rand reveals that Galad is his-half brother, which shocks Gawyn. Rand asks to see the seals one last time. He goes still when he touches them and asks if she is trying to fool them. Rand tells Egwene that what they hold are not in fact the seals but duplicates. At some stage Darkfriends must have stolen them and now have the Dark One has the keys to his own prison.

Rand's army finally Travels to Thakan'dar. Rand confirms to Aviendha that Artham worked and the Dark One couldn't detect him. The two stand side by side together and Rand tells her that the Dark Ones minions have the seals. He tells Aviendha she cannot enter the Pit of Doom with him, but instead places her in charge of the channelers at Shayol Ghul. Rand then sends Min to the Aes Sedai war-camp, where he fears some sort of attack there is immanent. Nynaeve confronts Rand over the the flaw in Callandor and warns that Rand could be trapped if he tries to use it. Rand is determined to still take it.

The Dragon vs The Dark One

While the Aiel, Tairen and Dragonsworn army launch an attack on the valley of Takan'dar, Rand takes the opportunity to enter Shayol Ghul. As he reaches the entrance to the Pit of Doom, Thom declares that he will wait at the entrance for them. A massive cloud of dark then covers the entire sky, blotting out the sun. Finally the sun re-emerges from behind the dark cloud. Nynaeve notices that Rand's wound on his side has broken open. Blood pours down into his boot and onto the dark rocks of Shayol Ghul below. [35] Rand asks Nynaeve and Moiraine to link with him and that he will control the circle. They are fearful due to the flaw in Callandor but oblige. As they walk towards the Pit, a loud voice cries out:


Rand is not surprised and is reassured by it.

As Rand walks through the cavern, he senses that the Dark One was unaware of his presence. The cavern reduces in size but Rand refuses to go on, and the cavern grinds back to its original shape. Rand walks on leaving a puddle of blood behind him. He can sense that one of the woman Bonded to him is in pain. [36] Moridin waits in front of Rand, with the blackness of nothing behind him. The husk of a Myrddraal lies on the floor. [37] Moridin proposes a duel in order to weaken Rand. Rand asks Moridin to step aside, but Moridin mocks his attempt to bring him back to the Light. The two begin their swordfight.

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-"Surprising what you can dig out of books if you read long enough, isn't it?" - Rand al'Thor


Channeling the tainted saidin had the unpleasant side-effect of causing madness, which occurs sooner or later to all male channelers. For Rand, that meant several types of psychological symptoms including hearing Lews Therin's voice in his head but none of them was explicitly stated that they were caused by the Taint. An other explanation can be the process of merging with Lews Therin to fulfill the prophecies had to happen this way. He feared that kind of madness during his two years from the first time he channeled the One Power, until he made it to Shayol Ghul. Although he showed several psychological symptoms, all of them can also be explained by all the extreme circumstances he had to go under. Such pressure and stress naturally would cause such symptoms on any human being.

After Nynaeve discovers that she could Heal the taint-caused madness of the Asha'man [38] she Delves Rand as well for madness, and she discovers that the entirety of his mind is so heavily covered with the web of tiny thorns of blackness that it seemed impossible to her to remove. She is surprised by how could Rand even think with that on his brain. But she also discovers that there is some sort of protection-looking glowing white insulation between the web of thorns and his brain. "Light given form and life. Coated each of the dark tines, driving into Rand's mind alongside them."[39]

Madness-like Symptoms

Hearing the Dragon at seemingly random times, as well as memories and knowledge from his past life as Lews Therin forming the basis for a second personality, one that was preoccupied with fear, anger, and grief related to his past mistakes.

Rand with his hand blown off, portrait done by Jeremy Saliba

At first it seemed that memories from his past life were simply coming back to Rand, as when Lanfear confronted him in Tear, and Rand shouted at her about how she always loved power. Rand knew this thought as truth but didn't know at the time from where it came. While at Rhuidean, more thoughts that appeared to come from Lews Therin Telamon made it into Rand's head, such as a clear picture of what Ilyena Therin Moerelle looked like and memory of something referred to as the Can Breat (though full recollection of its significance escaped him).

As time progressed and more memories came back to Rand, the onset of some kind of close-to-madness psychological state of his character became evident. He was aware of it and tried to control it. The earliest indications of this were the times when Rand became confused about his identity, as shown when Mat found Rand unresponsive to his own name, but he responded immediately to "Lews Therin." At the battle of Cairhien when Rand was fighting the Shaido, he became exhausted from overuse of saidin. He forgot who he was and started talking to Asmodean, about when Tel Janin became the Destroyer of Hope (Sammael). From Rand's point of view, he began to hear Lews Therin as a separate person in his head, one that grew increasingly stronger. Funnily sometimes Lews Therin's voice is the one expressing that he hears Rand in his head.[verify]

Rand leading under the Dragon Banner

When Rand was kidnapped by Elaida's Aes Sedai, they start to have conversations with each other. The voice of Lews Therin responds to Rand's questions. He gives him advice on how to break the invisible saidar shield that was blocking him from saidin.

While fighting against Lanfear in Cairhien, the personality of Lews Therin tries to take control of Rand's body for the first time. Rand found himself occupied with not only trying and keep saidin from sweeping him away while channeling, but trying to maintain control over himself.

The first time Rand met Mazrim Taim, Lews Therin began to rave about the Forsaken and wanted to kill Taim immediatly. Rand screamed at Lews Therin to shut up, which he did. Meaning that either Rand's madness had crossed another threshold, – him talking to his second personality and that person listening to him, – or as part of the merging process with the soul of Lews Therin their connection grew stronger and Lews Therin can hear him and react to what Rand has said to him. When Rand tells Taim to seize as much saidin as he can, Rand suddenly finds himself holding saidin as well, seeming to indicate that Lews Therin has actually made him seizing it. A more explicit incident occurred when trollocs attacked the manor in Tear where Rand was staying. Lews Therin literally seized saidin from Rand and used several weaves that none of the Asha'man, including Rand himself, had ever seen before. Although Lews Therin had the control over saidin he did not have the control over Rand's body, e.g. he could not lift Rand's hands up, which were necessary to weave.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

After his epiphany and redemption on Dragonmount, Lews Therin's voice disappear and Rand realizes that they are one person and it was always meant to be like that, only he could not accept that until now. He has Lews Therin merged with himself and possesses all memories of both. This rather indicates that all what was caused by Lews Therin was never symptoms of madness, only the process of their merging.

When Rand visits Egwene in the White Tower with his merged personality and he openly talks about that they are one person now and Lews Therin's life appears as a clear dream to Rand, and also shares his plan to break the remaining seals of the prison of the Dark One, Egwene questions his sanity and thinks that this behaviour is caused by his madness from the taint on saidin. Such behaviour would appear as symptoms of madness to anyone who does not know that this must happen to the Dragon Reborn to be able to succeed in the Last Battle, which at that point is the case for Egwene.

Possible compulsion

Several times during his interaction with Lanfear it seems like she used very light Compulsion on him.[verify]

His connection to Moridin

Rand Skimming

Rand began to suffer from another mental and seemingly metaphysical ailment, whose onset was brought on during his battle with Sammael in Shadar Logoth. During the battle, a man that Rand does not recognize appeared, and they accidentally crossed streams of balefire. Rand did not see the man's weaves, indicating that he was using the True Power rather than saidin. Because of some not yet understood side effect of this crossing of balefire streams, Rand is now linked with the man, who was later revealed to be Moridin. Because of this link, Rand now occasionally sees Moridin's face in his mind as well. The link goes both ways, as Moridin can feel when Rand is physically injured. He has had dreams in which Moridin speaks to him, much as Ishamael once did.


Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

"Do you love both of them?"
"Maybe I do. Light help me, I think maybe I do. Does that make me a lecher, or just a greedy fool?"

   —Min and Rand, Lord of Chaos

Rand is bonded to his three lovers, Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, and Aviendha of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel; he is also unwillingly bonded to Alanna Mosvani. Elayne is pregnant with his twins. According to Min's viewings, Aviendha will have four children from him, all at once. [verify] Min's significance is pronounced well before the Last Battle.

"Rand put his arm around her [Min] waist. Light, what would he have done without her? I'd have fallen, he thought. During the dark months... I'd have fallen for certain."[40]

He is advised mostly by Cadsuane Sedai, and the Wise One Sorilea. They have pledged to teach him "laughter and tears". He was also advised by Moiraine Damodred before her sacrifice.



  • A sword that isn't a sword (fulfilled - refers to Callandor).
  • A golden crown of laurel leaves (fulfilled - he now rules Illian, accepted the Laurel Crown, and renamed it the Crown of Swords).
  • A beggar's staff (fulfilled by his visit to Ebou Dar).
  • Pouring water on sand (fulfilled - refers to when Rand creates rain in the Aiel Waste, or to opening an underground river at Rhuidean, or may refer to the attempted healing of the wound on his side, of which the flows of power sink into it "like water into sand", or may refer to the Prophecy of Rhuidean that mentions him spilling the blood of the Aiel "as water on sand").
  • A bloody hand and a white hot iron (partially fulfilled with Semirhage blowing his hand off, the other half could refer to Semirhage's death as balefire is often described as a bar of white hot iron).

Rand al'Thor painting by Todd Cameron Hamilton.

  • Three women standing over a funeral bier with Rand on it (the three women are Min, Aviendha and Elayne).
  • Black rock wet with blood (Clear reference to the Karaethon Cycle -"His blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, washing away the shadow, sacrifice for man's salvation."-).
  • Rand will be hurt by Aes Sedai (fulfilled refers to when the White Tower Aes Sedai captured Rand, kept him in a box and beat him).
  • Dragonmount is seen cloaked in shadows from storm clouds, then a pinprick of light will burst through the storm cover (fulfilled - refers to the land covered in clouds and Rand having his epiphany).
  • An open cavern, gaping like a mouth (could refer to the Bore).
  • Bloodstained rocks (fulfilled - his old wound opening at Shayol Ghul and spilling blood onto the rock).
  • Two dead men on the ground, surrounded by ranks and ranks of Trollocs (perhaps a reference to Lan's charge at the Shadowspawn in Tarwin's Gap).
  • A pipe with smoke curling from it. (fulfilled - signifies Rand's ability to channel being replaced by having the power to "Will" things into existence in the Waking World)

Significant possessions

Tamlin al'Thor's sword

The first sword Rand ever owned, given to him by Tam al'Thor on Winternight after the Trollocs attacked Emond's Field. It was made with the One Power and had herons on the hilt and blade. It was later destroyed when Rand used it against Ishamael . By this sword – its heron-marked hilt – were the Prophecies fulfilled to have both his palms branded with Herons.


Rand holding Callandor after an attack by a bubble of evil.

Callandor is a male sa'angreal in the form of a crystal sword, powerful enough to destroy a city with one blow. It is sometimes called the "Sword That Cannot Be Touched" or "Sword That Is Not a Sword," references to its protection by wards and true nature as a device of the One Power, though it is sturdy enough to be used as an edged weapon.

Callandor possesses some serious flaws. The first becomes apparent during the shadowspawn attack on the Stone of Tear, when Rand feels that he holds enough power to kill every Trolloc- everywhere, and knows that doing so would kill him too. He also tries to bring a dead girl back to life, claiming that he could do anything with Callandor. The failure causes him to finally release the source, but the increased access to saidin also magnifies the taint and seeps it into him. [41]

After his failed assault on Ebou Dar,[42][verify] Cadsuane Melaidhrin tells him that the sword can only be safely used a circle with two women, with one of the women in control of the circle.

Before the Last Battle, Rand realizes why Min calls the sword a "fearful (or dreadful) blade."[verify] The sword not only magnifies the True Source, it also magnifies the True Power, making it a greater temptation than the Choedan Kal.

Fat bald man angreal

The fat bald man angreal is a shiny green stone carving of a fat bald man with a sword; found by Rand, and lost during the Battle of Dumai's Wells.

Rand recovers the angreal prior to the Last Battle [verify] and gives it the Asha'man as a parting gift along with his Final Orders to the Black Tower. Logain uses the angreal to enhance the powers of his circle during the Last Battle on the Field of Merrilor.

Choedan Kal Keys

The Choedan Kal are two giant sa'angreal that were created during the War of Power, one for a man and one for a woman. They are the two most powerful sa'angreal ever created and can only be used with their special Keys providing safe buffer to the channelers. There were more Keys created for them and Rand finds one unharmed set of Keys in Rhuidean. Later he uses them with the help of Nynaeve to cleanse the saidin from the Taint. The Key for the female part is destroyed during the process. The male sa'angreal itself was destroyed by Rand willingly during his fight with the Shadow on Dragonmount.

Laman's Sword

After killing him, the Aiel kept Laman Damodred's sword as a trophy. It was a very rich sword, with an ivory hilt, and a gold pommel encrusted with gemstones; a power wrought blade refitted for ostentation, not for combat. Decades later, Aviendha offered it to Rand in order to free herself of the toh she incurred when Rand innocently gave her a bracelet as a gift. Rand accepted the heron marked blade itself, but chose to let Aviendha keep the unnecessarily gaudy sheath and hilt. Rand carries this sword with him to Shayol Ghul.

Dragon Belt Buckle

A belt with a buckle in the shape of the dragons that mark a clan chief and the Car'a'carn, given to Rand by Aviendha.The spears Aviendha used as a maiden were melted and crafted to make Rand's buckle.

The Dragon Scepter

The Dragon Scepter

The Dragon Scepter was a Seanchan spear cut cleanly in half by a closing gateway, after Rand and Aviendha's brief visit to the Seanchan continent. Rand used it as a scepter and kept it to remind him that he was surrounded by enemies. The Maidens of the Spear later carved dragons onto the wooden shaft. It was destroyed when Semirhage attacked Rand with fire.

Crown of Swords

The Crown of Swords is the crown worn by the king of Illian. It was formerly known as the Laurel Crown but was renamed by the current king Rand al'Thor. It was renamed because it contains small swords hidden amongst the laurel leaves that prick his skull.

The Dragon Sword

The Dragon sword has been uncovered shortly before the Last Battle and was given to Rand which he has recognized and decided to wear despite it being a two-handed sword of which he could not wield anymore. The scabbard is lacquered black with a long, sinuous, red-and-gold dragon decorating it and the blade is not heron-marked. When it was given to him, Rand recognized the sword from his own memories not from Lews Therin's and it being identified as Justice brings up interesting thoughts.

Rand gives the sword to his father before his departure to Shayol Ghul as a farewell gift. Tam uses the sword during the Last Battle on the Field of Merrilor so as Artur Hawkwing after being summoned by the Horn of Valere.

References and similarities

As the books have progressed, Rand has become less involved in the narrative while remaining the central character. In The Dragon Reborn, the story was in fact told almost exclusively from the points-of-view of Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara and Egwene al'Vere, despite all three parties eventually following Rand to Tear to be present when he pulls the sword Callandor from the Heart of the Stone, proclaiming himself the Dragon Reborn. Subsequent books have also followed the adventures of other characters, though Rand continues to have a perspective.

To Lucifer

  • As the Dragon Reborn, Rand has a number of similarities to Lucifer.
  • His name in his previous life, Lews Therin, has a significant similarity to Lucifer.
  • Both he and Lucifer are referred to as 'the Dragon'.
  • As Lews Therin, one of his most famous titles was 'Lord of the Morning', which, with 'He Who Comes With The Dawn', is a reference to Lucifer being known as 'the Morning Star'.
  • Like Lucifer, he is regarded with fear for his potential to destroy the world.

To Tiwaz, Tyr, Zeus, and Jupiter

  • Over the course of the story, Rand has been shown to have many similarities to Tiwaz, the prototypical deity from which Tyr, Zeus and Jupiter were developed.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

  • Rand is most likely descended from Rhea, a parallel to Rhea, mother of Zeus.
  • Rand's love for three women (Elayne Trakand, the mother of his two children; Aviendha, an Aiel and former Maiden of the Spear; and Min Farshaw, who has the ability to see the future) is similar to Jupiter of Roman mythology, who loved three mortal women with similar traits (all of whom are now referenced among the moons of the planet Jupiter).
  • Tyr's hand was bitten off by the wolf Fenrisulfr. In Knife of Dreams, Rand lost his left hand fighting the Forsaken Semirhage.
  • Finally, Tyr, Jupiter and Zeus were all gods of justice. This ties in with Rand uniting most of the world under his rule, breaking some traditions and starting new ones.

To Wiccan archetypes

  • Rand's "three women" also echo the Wiccan tradition of the triple goddess (Maiden-Mother-Crone). This would make Rand the equivalent of the Celtic deity Cernunnos, a point which is reinforced by a prophecy which speaks of him singing "that the fields will bring forth lambs and green things".

To Paul Atreides

  • Rand is similar to Paul Atreides in Dune in that they are both men who possess powers wielded only by women during the timeline of their respective stories.
  • The Aiel, who become Rand's most loyal fighting force, are more than similar to the Fremen of Dune.
  • Both Rand and Paul are seen as messiahs in their respective sagas, and they are both different messiahs for different people. Paul is the Kwisatz Haderach to most of the universe, but to the Fremen, he is the Mahdi and the Lisan al Gaib. Rand is the Dragon Reborn to the Wetlanders, but to the Aiel, he is He Who Comes With The Dawn and the Car'a'carn, and to the Atha'an Miere, he is the Coramoor.
  • Rand with the Aes Sedai and Paul with the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood share similar relationships.

To Jesus

  • Like Jesus of Nazareth in The Bible, Rand is considered to be a savior, sent by a supernatural force to save all of humanity from the forces of darkness.
  • Jesus is refered as the Good Shepard, while Rand's former profession was that of a shepherd. Rand is also refered to as "Sheep Herder" by both Min and Lan.
  • It has been suggested several times that Rand will die in the process of saving the world. In Lord of Chaos Rand revealed one part of an answer he had from the Aelfinn: 'To live, you must die.'
  • Resurection: In Lord of Chaos Nicola predicts "Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives." Also it has been stated at least once that Nynaeve won't be satisfied until she brings someone back who has been dead for three days.
  • Both were seen by many of their contemporaries as being agents of chaos and disorder.
  • When Rand dies, it is said that his body will be watched over by three women (his lovers, Elayne, Min and Aviendha); when Jesus died, his body was watched over by three women.
  • Many of the markings on Rand's body are similar to the wounds inflicted on Jesus during the crucifixion: His hands were nailed to the cross, he was stabbed in the side by the Spear of Destiny, and wore a crown of thorns. Both of Rand's hands have been branded with the heron mark, he was stabbed in the side by Ba'alzamon's staff, and he wears the Crown of Swords.
  • Jesus was born to a virgin. Rand was born to a Maiden.
  • Masema states "There is no way to the Light save through the Lord Dragon. You will see the way and the truth in the end..." (in The Fires of Heaven Ch. 39). In John 14:6, Jesus makes a similar statement of himself saying "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me."
  • Rand was tempted by the Dark One who promised him honor, power, etc. if he would only bow down and serve him. Jesus was also tempted with riches and power in the desert. Rand almost succumbed to the temptations (Towers of Midnight: Perrin notes while in the Wolf Dream), and Jesus was the Son of God, but was also human, so susceptible to falling to sin.
  • In the Book of Revelation in the Bible, it says "the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll" (Rev. 8:1). The Lamb is one of Jesus's titles; and the seventh seal is the final seal. Rand has declared that he would break the seventh and last seal.

To King Arthur

  • Just as King Arthur -- the true King -- was the only one who could take Caladbolg from the stone, Rand -- the true Dragon Reborn -- was the only one who could take Callandor from the Stone of Tear. Also, al'Thor is pronounced similarly to Arthur, just as Callandor is likely meant to be an origin of the disambiguation that is "Caladbolg". Additionally the incorrect assumption that Excalibur was the Sword in the Stone is, in fact wrong, the Excalibur legend comes from "the lady in the lake" after Arthur's original sword was destroyed.

Rand (from a Japanese translation book cover)

  • Arthur is the son of Queen Igraine; Rand is the son of Tigraine Mantear.
  • Arthur's surname was Pendragon, and his banner was a red dragon, much like Rand's.
  • On his passing, Arthur was borne off to Avalon on a barge with three women. In Min's viewing noted above, Rand will be attended by three women on a boat.
  • Arthur was wed to Guinevere; Rand believed he would one day marry Egwene al'Vere.
  • Arthurs magician (i.e. sorcerer) advisor was Merlin. One of Rand's mentors is Thom Merrilin a Gleeman (bard / musician / entertainer) who among other skills can perform deft slight of hand tricks (illusionist / magician). Rand was also advised by the Forsaken Asmodean, a bard and a channeler.
  • In addition to Thom Merrilin, Moiraine's name bears a resemblance to that of Merlin. She spends the bulk of her time in the series guiding Rand and advising him to fulfill his role in prophecy, like Merlin advised King Arthur. Before he knew much of anything about channeling, she was his principle source of knowledge about magic.
  • The real-life Arthur was a Celtic king, and many of the legends concerning him are of Celtic origin. The Two Rivers has occasionally been compared to Wales or Ireland in the British Isles, both of which are considered Celtic. Furthermore, the red Dragon is a major national Welsh symbol and features prominently on its flag.
  • Rand's maiming and emotional health parallels the Fisher King in Arthurian myth.


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