EWoT: Rashima Kerenmosa

Rashima Kerenmosa (c. 1150 - 1301 AB) is one of the most decorated and famous Aes Sedai since the Breaking of the World. She is considered a hero by the Green Ajah, one of their greatest and, alongside Caraighan Maconar, the symbol of all it means to be a Green sister.

In the records of the White Tower Rashima was the fourth strongest Aes Sedai ever, after Caraighan Maconar, Eldrene and Tetsuan, a record unsurpassed till the arrival of Nynaeve. Because in TWoTC Caraighan is described at level 3(+10) it can be guessed that Eldrene was at 4(+9), Tetsuan at 5(+8) and Rashima at 6(+7).


Rashima was born circa 1150 AB, during the Trolloc Wars. She went to the White Tower around 1165 AB and spent five years as a novice and five years as Accepted. She was raised to the Green Ajah around 1175 AB. In 1251 AB, she became the Amyrlin Seat, the most powerful position on the continent. While all Amyrlins during the Trolloc Wars had been more martial than their peacetime counterparts, Rashima took this to new extremes. She served directly as a general and battle leader, rather than relying on advice from a Warder or general. She fought in person rather than relying on others. Rashima is credited with restoring morale to the faltering Ten Nations after the destruction of Aridhol and Manetheren, with Trolloc armies ranging as far south as Barashta on the Sea of Storms.

Rashima led the defense of Tar Valon when the Trollocs broke into the city and partially razed it circa 1290 AB. She began diplomatic and military overtures that led to a string of major victories for the Ten Nations over the next ten years, most notably at Kaisin Pass, the Sorelle Step, Larapelle, and Tel Norwin. Rashima's efforts culminated at the Battle of Maighande in 1301 AB, where the nations achieved a decisive victory over the Trollocs. Although not the final victory—tracking down and destroying all the remaining Trolloc bands would take another fifty years—it broke the back of the Shadowspawn invasion.

Rashima died during the battle, along with her five Warders. Around their bodies a wall of Trolloc and Myrddraal corpses was found, along with the bodies of no fewer than nine Dreadlords. This proves that she must have been very strong in the One Power.

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